Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Should have been required viewing

Part of my meal plan this week is these awesome frozen banana bites.  They're like peanut butter cups with a frozen banana on the inside, and they fill my life with joy.  As Ammon and I ate them last night, I asked if he thought we should open a frozen banana stand.

You know what he told me? 

...He told me that didn't sound lucrative.

REALLY???  Say it with me, people...

You all know this, right???  I'm seriously wondering how I married him without first requiring that he watch all of the old episodes of "Arrested Development".  I mean, Tobias's amazing "I shot my wad..." quote is on my Facebook profile.

We don't have Netflix, so I haven't seen the new episodes.  I don't need to.  2.5 seasons of Tobias Funke is enough to keep me laughing for life.

Besides, they torched the banana stand.  Anyway, I'm off to a field day today at work.  Just the idea of it makes me think of that episode of "The Office" where they go to the lake for "team building".  Pray for me.


  1. Before even seeing that picture, my reaction to Ammon saying it wouldn't be lucrative was THERE'S ALWAYS MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND MICHAEL! Silly Ammon.

  2. I LOVE Arrested Development. That show made me laugh more than any other show, I think. I want to watch the new episodes!

  3. I didn't make IC watch Arrested Development either - although I might start now. He did have to watch Star Wars though ... what mid 20s year old boy has never seen star wars? it was unacceptable.

  4. "There's always money in the banana stand!" has to be one of my absolute favorite lines from that show. we actually just started watching it on Netflix, and are into the 2nd season so far. love it!

    - Val @

  5. Okay, I've only seen like, three episodes of that show, and even I got the reference!

  6. TOBIAS. He kills me. Everything he says is gold.


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