Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A crazy cat lady post

Good morning, friends.  It's Tuesday morning, and the cat is laying across my arms as I type this.  Does anyone else have a cat who insists on being all up in your business all of the time?  As annoying as it can be sometimes, I've come to actually kind of like it.  I mean, it's horrible for my typing posture, and I'm sure that someday I will have Carpal Tunnel thanks to the stinker, but I'm lucky to have a cuddly cat, and not some evil cat from Hades, like this one:

Ammon and I have started talking about fostering rescue dogs in the last week or so.  My friend runs the Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission, a great organization that saves Labs all over the US and brings them back to CO to find safe, loving homes.  Something you may not know about people from CO is that they really love big dogs that they can take explorin'.

I explain all of that to say that I'm a little nervous about how Sir Beckham is going to react to having to share my lap.  He's very used to getting exactly as much attention as he wants, when he wants it.  And whether it's a human or a dog, I'm nervous that instead of seeing a new playmate, he might see a threat.  We don't really want that, we just don't want our family to remain this small forever... we want to grow.  His highness came to me from a home with a small child, and he was kind of ignored there.  I hated that they didn't have enough time to give to him that they gave him up.

I just read through the last paragraph, and I realize that I am absolutely the neurotic crazy cat lady that Saturday morning cartoons warned us about.  But I'm totally alright with it.  All I can hope is that by the time we bring a new baby or dog into our home, I can figure out a way to not have the pet-owner guilt of "not loving my cat enough".

Even though this is clearly his "You must always love me the most" face.


  1. Being a foster dog parent would be a great plan. But I think you are right to worry about His Royal Highness' reaction. Especially with a dog that may or may not have had a horrible life experience prior to coming to you. But, you'll make great doggy parents I'm sure! Also... if you get a lab on your lap on a regular basis there is something really wrong. I mean, my pitt is like 60 lbs and she likes to lay on top of me on the couch, but not actually sit on my lap. That might be a bit much.

  2. I bet if you introduce him slowly, Beckham would do just fine :) You'd still love on him so he wouldn't be lacking attention. It's a great thing to foster dogs!

  3. Ummm...I cannot even. I just left my dog for 5 days while I was Cleveland and I was in full-on pet-parent-guilt-mode that he'd have to suffer through the fireworks alone if I didn't make it back in time. I may not have a cat, but I am essentially a crazy cat lady with this dog. It's despicable.

  4. from one crazy cat lady to another, I totally understand how you feel! one of our cats is a total bitch (I say that in the most loving way possible), and despite the initial freak-outs, she became OK with our dog when we brought him home, and even our other cat when we got him last summer. they're usually pretty resilient!

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com


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