Friday, July 12, 2013

If I won the lottery

I am so late to this game that it isn't even a little bit funny.  Apparently, this link-up was for yesterday, but I didn't know until yesterday, and I already had a post written, so then I figured I would jump on that ish today.  Besides that, I totally got paid yesterday, so I'm feeling rich a little less po, and I want to talk about spending some moolah.

Did you give a flip about any of that?  No?  Dang.  Well, on with the show.

If When we win the lotto (even though we only play 1-2 times a year)

1)  Our future children will be home-schooled, and we will jet them all over the world to learn the languages where they're spoken, learn history where it happened, and mom and dad will eat all the foods.

2)  We will buy a super-sweet ski-in, ski-out house at a big resort, like Copper.

3)  I'll move my massage therapist and his family into our guest cottage, and then pay him to give me twice weekly massages.  Heaven.

4)  I'll hire a driver.  No more driving anxiety for me!

5)  I will buy all of the cute hippie-dippie wrap skirts at the local Nepali-import shop, and spend my life looking like I live to commune with Patchouli and nature.

6)  I will also buy the entire Ann Taylor dress collection for those times when hippie-dippie wrap skirts are not socially acceptable.

7)  Ammon will go to culinary school, and learn how to cook without filling my house with smoke.

8)  We will buy our dream property, build Ammon's dream woodshop, build our dream [buried] house, and start my dream garden.

9)  We will buy the first ever Chipotle franchise.  This corporate-chain only nonsense would be no match against Ammon's never-ending desire to fully posses Chipotle.  Then I will finally be less grumpy when he eats it every. single. day.

10)  We will probably build a wing or something on a library somewhere.  We like books.

**Obviously, this is my frivolous list.  There are a lot of other things we would do first.  But this is the ultra-mega-powerball list of joy.

What FUN things would you do if you won the lottery?


  1. love this! particularly number 5 and then 6 for being "socially acceptable" haha! Also I like the WHEN we win - power of positive thinking.

  2. I would only fly first class when it comes to the 16 hour flight from Melbourne to LA.

  3. I want some Ann Taylor in my life, please! :)

  4. I think my favorite thing about this list is the disclaimer at the end. Or the thing about Ann Taylor.

  5. Haha fun. I would like a pool. That would be really swell. :D



  6. For fun you say? I would love to splurge and travel the finest and historical places in the world; I would build my dream house in my own island. And if my money is enough to make that possible, I would also do charity and help out the less fortunate. But before the fun and all these, I would, of course, save up the half to secure mine and my family's future, and that is through investing or I would pay for annuities. – Marty Granoff @


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