Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Total system malfunction

I'm not going to apologize for whatever happens here right now, much as I might be tempted.

I have been working REALLY hard to get homework done this week, because all of my big tests and projects come to a head this week.  Add that on to having an anniversary this week, and I am not in a good state of mind right about now.

We are doing nothing for Halloween.  I have class tonight.  We did, however, buy lots of candy and junk food.  We always get exactly one trick-or-treater, so we didn't need nearly this much.  This is 99.98% for us. 

I had hoped that we would eat at home as many nights as possible this week, so we could splurge on Thursday for our anniversary.  Then Tuesday happened.  I was practically crying when Ammon got home.  I was so tired, and the idea of putting together even a semblance of a meal was just too much.  So we had Pho instead.  It was worth it.  I managed to get 4 hours worth of homework done after I ate. 

So yeah... our Halloween is work, school, coffee, and candy.  You're super jealous, right?

Hope that you're having a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Guess what?  I finally joined the cool kids group and decided to join a book club.  But it couldn't be just any normal book club.  Nope, I joined one of those fancy schmancy blogger book clubs.  I mean, they even put together a Google Hangout chat so that we could all "meet up" in real time to have a little chat.

The book that we all read this month was The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

The Basis:  Chbosky spins a tale of a 15 year old boy navigating the waters of High School.  This is definitely a coming of age tale, written in a letter-style journal.  Throughout the book, Charlie strives to be very vague about the people and specific details of his life.  However, he recounts the most important moments of his first year of high school, from the loss of a friend, to fitting in, to dealing with mental health issues, and abuse.  If you ever had to experience something in your entire life, Charlie probably recounts the experience and works through it in this book.

My thoughts:  I was left feeling dissatisfied with this book.   To me, it felt impossible that one person could go through so many things, could have so much tragedy, in one short year of life.  And while I could have dealt with that, the issue that I really took with this book was how contrary Charlie was as a character.  Charlie talks of "feeling infinite", he talks of the transformative power of music, and very abstract, deep, mature things.  He is a voracious reader.  And yet, he has so many issues with social cues, and social understanding, you wonder if he has troubles with Autism or Aspergers.  As a person who has had a very deep relationship with someone who had a disability on the Autism spectrum, I simply can not reconcile the way that Chbosky constructed his main character.

In addition, I felt like this book was somewhat inappropriate for any person under the age of 18.  The themes of this book were so dark, so desperate.  There were parts of this book where my soul connected, and I remembered exactly how I felt when I was in Charlie's situation.  Yet if I had read those same passages at the time when I was experiencing those things?  I don't think it would have been nearly as powerful.

Buy, Borrow, or skip:  I would say borrow.  Much as I didn't love it, I do believe that this book is worth a little time.  It's a quick read, I think I finished it in 3 hours or so.  Is it something I would buy and put on my bookshelf?  Nope.

Wanna join the fun?  The next book has yet to be selected!  Go visit Alyx, Kim, or Kaylee to help pick the next book, and join us next month for video chatting and book reviewing fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012

This is the upside to life

It's hard to believe that if I were to be talking to the me from 3 years ago, I would have so many things to tell her.  Things she would never in a million years believe, like:

~You will learn so much about yourself in the next 3 years.  You'll learn that the dream you have of working for yourself isn't really your dream after all.

~When CU Denver School of Nursing calls to tell you they have a place for you in their nursing program, you won't even hesitate to say "no thank you".  You've come so far, just think about the things that will matter in 3 years. They are not the things that matter now.

~You know how you were so sure your weight was under control once and for all?  That's simply not true.  Don't stop working out.

~You know how you're sort of dating one of your best guy friends?  It's not going to last.  In 2 days, you're going to seriously change your mind about that situation.

 Don't worry, after some moderate drama about it, you guys manage to remain friends.  And he's so supportive of everything that's to come for you.

~You know that boy?  You know, the one in the warehouse at work who's so adorable?  Yeah, him.  You've been flirting with him a lot.  Well, he's been trying to work up to asking you out.  And when he finally does it (in 3 days), you're going to be clueless.  Try to be graceful when you realize what's happening.  Oh, what am I saying?  He's going to shock you in so many ways, and you won't know it then, but soon enough you'll realize that he's the man you have been looking for.

I'm not kidding.  Hang in there 3 more days... and you will be on the path to eternal love.

And EVERYTHING you have been through since you started dating... it's over now.  You have made it to the finish line of dating.  You've made it through the desert.  Enjoy the journey to love.  It's a hot mess, because you are a hot mess.  But this mess is so worth it.

Because he's gonna put a ring on it, self.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some confessions on a Sunday

Hello, beautiful people!  Today is my only day off this week, and thus far I've been trying to milk it for all that it's worth... sleeping late, thai food for lunch... all of the good stuff.  But, I must confess.  That is what Sundays are all about, after all.

1)  I've already confessed this, but I really am a hoarder.  Remember in my vlog when I told you about the yellow corn meal can?  Well, I threw it away!  And that was great, until I found one of these in my craft room, and realized my problems may be bigger than we anticipated:

2)  I have been really flighty lately.  I can't remember the things that would usually be at the front of my mind.  Luckily, it isn't pregnancy brain.  Unluckily, I can't blame it on pregnancy.

3)  I'm sick of people making character decisions about individuals based on their political beliefs.  Being a republican does not make you good.  Being a democrat does not make you good.  Being an Independent does not make you morally superior.  They are the beliefs that define the government that you would like to be represented by.  Could we all please stop considering people as good vs bad based on their convictions???

4)  I strongly dislike being cold.  I get cold really easily, so the upcoming winter weather makes me a sad, sad girl.

5)  My first 3 C25K workouts have been HARD.  Wow, I feel so out of shape!  But hopefully, this program is going to help me get the results I will need in order to succeed at the half marathon next May!

So those are my confessions.  Link up with Alxy, and let us all know what you're confessing this week!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Some little letters

That I have made it this far in the week feels like a miracle.  This has been a difficult week for me, a must be a glutton for punishment.  So I'm going to tie up the loose thoughts in my brain, and we'll put a wrap on this week once and for all.

Dear School,
You are kicking my tail right now.  Never have I forgotten so many assignments, or been so behind the ball since going back for my second degree.  I'm trying, but wowzers...  Oh, and Finance instructor... we talked about the mistake in the gradebook, and you still haven't fixed it.  What is with that?

Dear weather,
I would really prefer more of this
And less of this
Sadly, I know that I have to take what I can get.

Dear Hoarding,
We really need to part ways.  I don't know why I have such a thing for you.  It's a bad thing, though.  Consider us over.  And consider me singing this song to you, hoarding.

Dear Sewing,
I need to do more of you.  Something about needing to create my WEDDING DRESS makes me think that I need to brush up a bit on my sewing skills.

Dear money,
You stress me out, especially over the next 7 months.  I think that if we can survive the wedding, things will be just fine.  But getting there?  Please show some mercy, finances.  Please show any and all mercy that you can.

Dear wedding vendors,
I officially hate all of you.  I have never been treated so rudely, or ignored so many times as I have in the process of planning a wedding.  Yes, I have a budget.  No, that does not make me ant less of a human being.  Treat me as such, and show some courtesy.

That's what I've got today... Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My dirty running confession

So, Tuesday I admitted to having a nasty meltdown because something came up last minute on Friday.  Yesterday, I conclusively proved that I am a hoarder.  So I felt that it was only fair to continue making myself look undeniably non-blog worthy with today's post.  We'll forever call this, "the week where Kristen showed us her ugly."

Before I get to that, however, it is my duty to share with you the photo I took last night as I was walking out of class.

It may be my only redeeming moment for the duration of this post.  Pretty, no?  I can tell you, I must love you all a lot, because it was COLD as I was standing out there trying to snap the perfect photo.  I do love you.

Alright, on to the incriminating evidence.  In case you haven't been around here in the past 2 weeks, I went out and bought myself a treadmill not too long ago, and it sits happy as a clam in our living room.

Now, I appreciate the purists out there who can run on a treadmill for any amount of time without some sort of distraction, be it a friend, a book, music, or the television.  Those "in the zone" people.  Good for you.  I'm not that way.  Thus, my treadmill sits about 2 feet from our tv, so that I can watch my shows while I make myself miserable.  That's not the incriminating part.  No, no, no.  It's what I watch that's the issue.

Oh, but I don't limit myself JUST to my girl Paula.  Oh no, that would not suit.

Source: via Daniel on Pinterest

Actually, the more fattening and gluttonous, the happier and more engrossed I become.  There's something about watching these shows that makes me feel the urge to work out, because I feel like I'm going to throw a clot from all the cholesterol they're cooking with.  So it only seemed natural to give in to those urges, and actually run. 

I totally torture myself with amazing food when I'm on the treadmill.  I love butter and bacon, y'all.  There's no way around that.  Add in some cream cheese, and we are good to go.  Keep the unhealthiest stuff coming, cooking show celebrities...  I'll be ready for my half marathon in no time with you 3 on my side.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The truth is out.

I will say this now:  If I weren't linking up with such amazing people today, there is no way that what you are about to see would EVER in a million years be making its way onto this blog.  I know it passes the 5 minute mark, and many of you have issues with that.  I do have to tell you, the best part is probably from 4 minutes or so to the end.  So, if you refuse to sit through 7:49 of me talking about being a hoarder, just skip to that part.

I should lead off with who's throwing the vlog party today.  Here's the button.  Click it, and find some new friends.

Hope Squared
I really would like to postpone this as much as possible, so let me explain my appearance, yes?  Yes.  So, I ran before doing this vlog, and didn't bother to change, or shower, or anything really afterwards.  Sorry for the sweat, greasy bangs, and all that.  I'm going to call it proof that I worked out.

Don't worry, tomorrow I'll post an in-depth tutorial about how to "unfollow" a blog.  That's a lie.  I prefer to avoid tutorials, and really... in the poetic words of my dear friend Shaylynn, "I can not lose a follower.  I just can't."

But I promise, if you come back tomorrow I won't be showing you any more horrifying confessions.  That was enough for a while.

On a far less awful note, over on For Richer or For DIY, I'm showing you some things I have pinned on my Pinterest, to help you get a better sense of our wedding vision.  Go check it out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend, Shmeekend

Happy Tuesday!  Most of you have already survived your first day back for the week, but I'm only now starting mine in the eye and begging for kindness from the god of terrible work weeks (because he clearly exists, right?).

It was a pretty great weekend.  Busy, but pretty great.  I'll give you the rundown:

Friday:  I was minding my business, hopping on the treadmill at 5:25 pm, when Ammon texted me.  You see, home-slice made the Dean's list last semester, and the awards ceremony was scheduled for 6:00pm, 30 minutes away (in good traffic, that is).  After some yelling, inappropriate language, a Kristen-sized meltdown, and a frantic rush for the door, I managed to arrive only 10 minutes late for the ceremony.  Thank heavens for maxi dresses.  They can instantly make you look a little put together.

Funny story:  of the 800 people who made the Dean's list, Ammon is the only one to also be currently on academic probation.  The dean of the college made sure to make special recognition of all of his recent achievements.

After that, I was HUNGRY (those ceremonies are long and boring, folks), I told Ammon he had to take me out to dinner to make up for the frenzy induced meltdown.  We went and had delicious Nepali food.  Nepali food is closely related to Indian food, but it's usually more spicy, and more delicious.  I get too excited about my buffet to take pictures usually, but I did snag one of the perfect rice pudding, complemented by some grapes:

In the interest of full disclosure, at the end of the meal I was so full I was almost sick.  It's really just so good that all of my internal controls fail.  Perhaps that's part of why I gained weight last week.

Saturday:  I worked, and Ammon played in the shop.  He's making some good progress on his 1,856,755 projects.  After work, I went to Target to pick up some supplies while he continued playing, and then we both changed and went to the dinner theater.

We'd been a couple of times before, and we really enjoy it, so we decided to become season ticket holders for this season.  For $29 per person, you get dinner and a show.  Appetizers, desserts, and drinks are extra, but that's still a darn cheap date in my book.  And look at how fancy and fun the drinks are...

Yup, that sure is a chocolatini with chocolate drizzle on the side of the glass, and coconut on top.  So good.  After our drinks though, we couldn't take more pictures, because they don't allow photography in the theater.  Sorry!

I will say this:  If you have the opportunity to see the musical "In the Heights", go see it.  I cried, it was so captivating.  Love, love, love.

Sunday:  We went to Home Depot to get some wedding supplies.  Multiple Sales Associates were pretty dang rude to us.  We know from past experience that if you speak up to your cashier about the issues, they'll usually discount your sale, and I felt that was warranted today, since Ammon was considering leaving without buying anything.  We took the discount, and while it didn't make things better, it did keep us from walking altogether.

Monday:  Yup, I had no work yesterday, while poor Ammon had to go to work on his birthday.  I discovered the BBC America show "The Nerdist", which is awesome if you are into nerdy things.  You can check out the YouTube channel here.  I also made a special dinner of candied butternut squash, mashed cauliflower, and porkchops.  We went out for a slice of carrot cake after dinner, because I'm a horrible future-wife who completely forgot about dessert.  I also forgot my phone, so you don't get to see proof.  Sorry.

So that was our weekend over here!  How was your weekend?  Also, on our wedding blog today:  Our sweet and silly proposal.  Check it out!

Monday, October 22, 2012

They say it's your birthday

Today, someone I like just a teensy-tiny bit is having a birthday.

Yup, Ammon's turning 29 today (and for those of you who were confused, I'm 27, not 23.  Don't hate).  I'm pretty proud of the things this guy has accomplished in the last 3 years, and what's ahead for this last year of his 20's.  Not only are we getting hitched, but he's going to be graduating with his Bachelor's degree, and getting a big-boy Chemistry job.

 This is his big-boy look, in fact.  So handsome.

Happy birthday, love.  Hopefully your teachers and colleagues are kind to you on this most auspicious occasion.  We all know I'll probably be snarky as heck, because that's just how I roll.  But know that I love you, and that I'm so thrilled to see all of the things you do before you turn 30!!!

And just to make things a little more special... the best Birthday song ever.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A couple of Sunday confessions

Happy Sunday, friends! It's time for my favorite link-up ever, Sunday Confessions:

1)  I have been sucking at Weight Watchers lately.  We've had a lot of birthdays at work, plus to be quite honest, I was feeling very... restricted with the options that they give.  Because I'm technically in the healthy weight range, my points allowance is pretty low, and this week I think I quadrupled it.  Ooopsie.  If only TCBY tasted like poop, and vegetables tasted like TCBY, we would totally be in business.
2)  I haven't done much about our wedding since Monday, when I put the deposit on our venue.  I needed a break from the stress.  Also, many people think I'm crazy for planning a wedding so far in advance.  These people are the rockstars who can pull an incredible wedding together in 2.5 months.  I'm not that woman.

3)  Life has been hectic lately, and to deal with that, I've found myself parked in front of the TV an awful lot lately.  I dislike this.  However, it is an easy way to decompress from everything...

4)  When we were at the dinner theater last night, I told the other couple at our table about how I'm training for a half marathon.  They asked me if I really enjoyed running.  My answer?  HECK NO I don't love running.  I just want to be able to say I did it.
5)  I have a huge mountain of laundry to do, and no laundry quarters.  Part of me really just wants to take the mountain to my parents' house, college style.  Except I never got to do that in college, since I went to school out of state.  So, perhaps, post-college 23 year old me taking her laundry home? 

Confession sidenotes:  When we're low on laundry quarters, I hang dry our clothes.  Sometimes on our dining room light fixture.  And yes, our dining room table almost always looks like that.  It is our junk pile-up station.

What do you have to confess on this Sunday?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Like Success???

So, here's the deal.  I love being successful.  Failure, on the other hand, is something I like substantially less.  So whenever I can find a new tool to help me become increasingly successful, I take it and run as fast and far as I can.

I had the great, great pleasure of working with a true GIANT in the field of personal and business development during my time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  His name is Seth Braun, and I have the immense pleasure and opportunity to introduce you to him today.