Monday, July 15, 2013

Is it really almost over?

Well, it's official.  This marks week 12 of my Revolt Now! Fitness journey.  Next week I will have bikini pictures again... I know I haven't posted progress pictures in a while, and that's because there's been nothing really to post.  I haven't been pushing as hard in the second half of the program as I did in the first half.

However, I really have to stress, that even half-assing this program, I have seen some pretty tremendous results.  I can run for longer than ever.  I can do 12 push-ups in a row on my toes, and hold minute long planks again.  I am moving quickly towards a level of fitness that I haven't seen since I was rock climbing 5 days a week back in 2008.

You can't see them in this picture, but I had guns.  And my stomach was super flat.  Then again, I wasn't eating meat or dairy.  And I worked out constantly.  These things may have contributed to the overall tininess I saw at that time.  Now, with 20-30 minute workouts, and substantial amounts of animal-based foods in my diet, I feel pretty confident that I'm looking almost as good.

Last week, I set some fitness goals for myself.  They were:

1) Complete 4 out of 5 Revolt workouts scheduled for the week
2) Run 2-3 times during the week
3) Take melatonin and be in bed by 10pm every night

For the sake of accountability, here is how I did:

1) Crushed it.  Skipped the cardio circuit on Thursday, but did every other workout.
2) Failed.  I got in one run on Thursday evening.  It always seemed either too hot to run, or it was storming bad.  These aren't very good excuses, since I own a treadmill, but they are the stories I told myself to avoid doing all of my prescribed runs.
3) I didn't do the melatonin every night, but from Sunday night through Thursday night, I managed to be in bed by 10:20pm.  To me, this was a huge victory, because my sleep got really thrown off with the wedding, and it's been a big challenge to get back on track.

For this week, I want to keep my goals the same.  It was a push to come as close as I did to accomplishing them last week, so I hope that they continue to push me this week.  It's important that I get in the running this week, since I have a 10k on Saturday morning.  Hopefully, I can do what it takes to finish out week 12 strong!

**Disclaimer**  I was provided a free membership to Revolt Fitness in exchange for my unbiased opinions and reviews.  All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. You look great Kristen! I can really tell in your face.

  2. You look beautiful :)
    It's really hard to motivate yourself to go out and run when it's 100 degrees out. I feel ya.

  3. You are looking fabulous!! I am so proud of your awesomeness. Fo' rizzle.


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