Monday, June 27, 2016

Right things

Oh snap, it's been a minute.  I bet you thought I forgot my password for blogger or something.  No, none of us are quite that lucky (yet).  But anyway, how are you?  I hope you're doing well, wherever you are right now.  I can honestly say that here, things have been better recently.  So much better.  We've started trying to work out again.  I'm trying to make some friends.  We're settling into this new life that we spent the last year shaping, and I have to tell you - it is starting to feel right.

Right like handmade lemon custard ice cream from the best ice cream shop in the Sacramento valley.  Oh my word guys, if nothing else I post convinces you to come visit me, let this be what does it.  I almost wept it was so good.

Right like buying the watermelon socks that the bike shop had on sale Saturday morning between the two group bike rides, and putting them on immediately, because they are everything.

Right like the CUTEST tiny little purple bell pepper there ever was, and super sweet yellow pear tomatoes from our backyard.

And right like this sneak peak of our MOSTLY finished guest bedroom, just hours before my parents used it a few weeks ago.  We haven't gotten around to hanging the artwork yet, but really, it's so close to done that it counts around here anymore.

Tell me what's going right for you these days... I want to know!!!