Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Jams!

I haven't been this thrilled for a Thursday in a long, long, long time.  Hopefully you all feel the same way.  If not, jam out to a few of these, post your own happylicious jams on your blog, and then let me know where to find them in the comments section.  Happy listening!

My newest, most favorite happy jam right now...
Gone Gone Gone by Philip Philips on Grooveshark

This next one is graphic... so if you don't like that, just know it's all about flippy-floppies.
Pain) by I'm On A Boat (ft. T on Grooveshark

And for those of you who are hippie-dippies like me...
Scarlet Begonias by Grateful Dead on Grooveshark

I really hope those 3 do the trick for you, and just know that I have lots more coming.  Also, please share your jams!  Happiness is meant to be shared.  Have a great day!


  1. ha! I love I'm on a boat! My fave SNL parody is probably the one with Michael Bolton. So frickin funny!

  2. I love when Gone Gone Gone comes on the radio and the DJ is like, "Gone Gone Gone, Phillip Phillips."

    I dont' know why, that just cracks me up. and I love that song. so much.

  3. They play the Philip Philips song wayyyyy too much, but I love it too and will listen to it every time.

    I also wonder why the heck his parents named him Philip Philips. Will never understand that...

  4. I do love I'm on a boat. And you're right, it's totally all about the flippy floppies.

  5. I listen to I'm on a boat whenever I need a smile. Or a laugh.

  6. Oh those flippie floppies. That definitely makes me happy! ;)


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