Monday, July 8, 2013

Blogger ate it

I tried to write a post for today last night, but blogger ate it.

Do you ever feel like you're still in Elementary School trying to come up with reasons why the homework is only half done, or not done at all?  I feel a little bit like that this morning.  Except that blogger really did eat my post.  It got ugly over here last night.

What with it being Monday and all, and having written a sort-of negative post on Friday about where I am with my health and fitness goals, I wanted to establish some small goals for this week to hopefully **fingers crossed tight** I can get back on track with working out.  Because after I wrote that post, I ignored working out, because being a happy newlywed seemed far more important.  If this becomes too much of a trend, there won't be much for that husband of mine to appreciate.

1) Do 4 out of 5 scheduled Revolt workouts this week, in the morning.  And the good news here is that I already did so this morning, so only 3 more to go!

2) Run 2-3 times this week after work, for ate least 2 miles at a time.  I signed myself up for a 10k on July 20th, and would really like to test myself and see if I can run the entire thing.

3) Take a Melatonin and be in bed by 10 every night.  Been having some weird sleep issues lately, and I think it's a contributing factor in my lack of motivation.

So those are the goals for this week.  Also, I wanted to update you guys on my Revolt weight loss progress, since I haven't done that in a while.  I am currently hovering around 143 lbs, so up a little bit from right before the wedding, but not by much.  I'm not really focusing on weight loss any more, I just want to work on my running, and see where I can get with that.  I will do some new progress pictures at the end of next week though, since by that time, I will be at the end of a 12 week cycle of Revolt.

What are your health and fitness goals for the week?


  1. ok, so I wasn't the only one having mad problems with blogger then last night. I was losing my MIND!

    I'm going for no soda this week.
    we'll see how that works out.

  2. I haven't gotten to your Friday post yet, but I think you are doing great. =) You inspire me to do better. But honestly, I'm ultra suck at working out. The mercury has been over 90 here the past 2 weeks so exercise simply isn't happening. But I know I have to do it! =( I told Mikey that once I hit goal weight I want to get a gym membership again so I can tone up and work on my muscles. I can do cardio all the live long day at my own house, but I will only weigh train under duress. Maybe I can make the gym feel like duress?

  3. I was pretty sick last week, so I didn't get to yoga (only once, which is lame in my books since I usually go 5-6 times a week). So I'm looking forward to that.

  4. I don't know, being a newly wed is pretty important :) You should definitely focus on that for at least a little bit!


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