Sunday, May 13, 2012

You just don't know

You just don't know when you're going to get a call telling you your mom has been in an accident.  This happened on December 6, 2007.  My dad called me while I was at work.  In Indiana.  My senior year of college.  One week before Fall semester finals.  My dad never calls me unless there is a major emergency.  I will never forget hearing that she had been run over by a truck, and had been taken to the hospital.  We didn't know anything else, because my mom had been up in the Mountains for a skiing clinic.  I lost my shizz.  Thankfully, she came through okay.

You also just don't know when you'll get the call that your mom found a lump in her breast.  This call came just days after Thanksgiving this last year.  Almost 5 years to the day after being hit by a pick-up truck while walking, we found out she had breast cancer.

We're lucky that she's such a strong woman, such a fighter.  But you just never know.  So go ahead and hug your mom today, if she's close.  If not, at least do something special for her.  Really, you just don't know when you're going to get a call that changes your family forever.

Happy mother's day, mom.


  1. This post, this post.

    Your momma, your momma.

    Your fears, your fears.

    I feel like I will fail to write what I long to write through these teary eyes. Mostly because I can't relate, but I relate to your heart which has been nothing but kind to me, (and hilarious) bless yours and your moms.

  2. what a touching post. thank you for sharing your story.


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