Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A little more explanation

Guys, there was no dead body.  Take a deep breath, A and I don't live in the ghetto.

I wrote the post from earlier today on Sunday morning at 2am... after I'd been dealing with the situation for over an hour, and was exhausted, but too keyed up to sleep.  I didn't stop to think that I left it kinda weird.  My apologies.

It all came down to 2 people drinking far too much, and then getting into a fight.

The police never were able to tell me where all of the blood came from.  Some investigators, huh?

So no need to worry just yet.  Unless it's about my sanity.  Because to tell the truth, it's on the brink.  I am loving silence right now.  I am loving not being bothered.

And for whatever reason, I'm not feeling up to leaving my usual deluge of comments on everyone's blog.  I'm sorry for that too.  I want to comment deep down, but I'm just feeling off.  I will reset my mentality to the "on" position as soon as possible.

Thank you guys for caring, and wanting to make sure we don't live near meth-heads and axe murderers.


  1. WHAT THE HELL, clearly I need to read your other post. gees.

  2. hahahaha! "We don't live in the ghetto." Love it. =)

    I'm glad to know everything & everybody is safe & sound (& hopefully sober..).

    Sanity is over-rated.


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