Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Interesting Jobs

One thing I can say for the life choices that I've made is that every job I've ever had has put me in unique situations I never thought I would have to experience.  I've worked in group homes, and taken more than my fair share of people to the Emergency Room.  I've worked in a nursing home, and had to provide post-mortem care (that is, in fact, what you think it is).  I've met local politicians and area celebrities as a furniture sales person.

And with my current job, I have become good at dealing with the police and navigating the police report request system.  Did I mention that I'm lucky enough that the police have my name and phone number on file so that they can call me in the event of emergency?

I know all of you are dying to hear this story.

I got a call Sunday morning at 12:15am.  I couldn't figure out who in the world it could be.  It was police dispatch, calling me because they said that they had police on scene at my complex, and that I needed to come "secure the unit".  I thought they wanted me to unlock a door for them so they could get in and arrest someone.  This happens every now and them with domestic disturbances, and it's really no big deal.  So I grumbled something that was probably only halfway coherent, threw on sweats and headed out the door.  I knew right away this was not going to be an easy-peasy, lemon-squeazy call when I realized that there was one ambulance, 6 patrol cars, one German Shepherd, and probably a dozen police officers milling around.  So I loudly announced that I was the property manager.  I find it's best to identify yourself when there's that many people of authority gathered in one place.  They handed me over to the reporting officer right away and took me over to the apartment.  The first thing I noticed was that the door to the apartment was open.

The second thing I noticed was that it had been busted down in order to make it open.  Holy cow, that is a big mess.  I hope you never have to witness that for yourself.

The officer explained to me that they had a call for a verbal domestic disturbance from the neighbors.  When they got there, one of the two residents talked to them, but the other would not open the door to the apartment.  While they were arresting the one resident (because that's apparently how these things are handled), the police looked through the windows of the apartment in order to determine that the other resident was safe.  They saw blood on the ground.

In the event of simple obstruction of justice, they call me and I come unlock doors.  In the event they see blood, things escalate to a category where standard operating procedure requires that the police enter the apartment using any and all means necessary.

So yeah.  That's the story of how the door got broken down and I got called to deal with it.  Bet you're really jealous you don't have my job.


  1. Soo uhh way to leave us hanging! Did someone die!? Why was there blood?? Haha!

  2. I'm with Stephanie! Haha, any deaths we need to know about?! Gracious!

    Haha. No, your job sounds super fun.

  3. i would be ticked off that i got woke up period. and this also scares me for you. please be safe. don't make me worry missy!


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