Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not your ordinary Giveaway...

Hello Everyone!  That's right, I'm doing a giveaway.  Today.

Brandon and I BOTH want you to know that this is gonna be a good one.

You see, I think most giveaways out there are downright depressing.  They offer a massive, amazing prize, allow ANYONE to win, as long as they follow the blog, comment, whatever, during the contest period, and so the odds that little old me will win diminish to the point of impossible.

That simply does not work for me.  The idea of doing a giveaway where only one person wins saddens me.  The idea of doing a giveaway that encourages people to "follow" my blog, and then never read again after the contest period frustrates me.  So I thought for a long time about how to make a "Kristen-esque" giveaway.  Here is what I have decided.
  • This giveaway is open ONLY to people who followed my blog prior to May 5, 2012 @ 12:01am through Google Friend Connect.
  • TEN people are going to get a prize.
  • In order to be one of the ten, you just need to comment down below, and have an email address attached to your profile so that I can e-mail you and grab your address.
  • If you are comment 11 or greater:  Comment anyways, because you will automatically "win" next month's follower giveaway (I'm limiting to 10/month, because shipping is expensive, yo, and I have to budget this sort of thing).
  • Sorry, I can only ship within US and Canada (again, shipping prices)
What are you winning?  I am so glad you asked.

I used to be an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I made some questionable choices early on about inventory, and bought waaaaaaaaaay too much stuff.  It's good stuff.  Pretty stuff.  But since I don't wear makeup, it's stuff that's taking up space.  You will be winning part of my hoard.  And I'm going to do this every month.  

Followers can "win" once every 6 months, until all of it is gone.  

No, you don't get to make requests.  Think of me as your own personal birchbox, except that I'm gonna stalk you check the pictures on your blog to make sure the colors will look hot on you.  If you rock a natural look, I may just send you some non-makeup type products, like Satin Lips, lotion, etc.  I have it all, girlies.  And it's ALL for you.  You are awesome, and this is a small way I can thank you for reading my words and supporting me these last 5 months.  I hoped to meet one or two nice people.  I never could have expected the love you all show me every day.

Not a follower yet?  Follow before the June giveaway to be eligible for the next round!  So what are you waiting for?  Drop a comment about anything... how much you love lipgloss.  How pink is ugly.  What your plans are for the weekend.  Drop your blog link and make a new friend or two.  The sky is the limit.  Just make sure that when your comment comes to my e-mail, I can hit "reply", or that you have supplied me an email address in your comment.  THANK YOU ladies!


  1. Whaaattt this is awesome and so sweet!

  2. Awesome ! I do enjoy your words... thoughts.... enthusiasm.... wine....

  3. Your awesome. Hugs

  4. Your awesome. Hugs

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  6. This is so cool! =) I have a PET PEEVE for giveaways that are done to only get readers. Drives me nuts. And I'm in the first ten! What are the odds?! =)

    Love the pictures at the top! :)

  7. Ok, this is such a great idea! Love it! Thanks lady! = )

  8. Kristen, I really like your thoughts on all the giveaways. I love how you have to be a follower BEFORE the giveaway (so you reward loyal followers) and how you are letting a bunch of people win. So fun that you made this on your own terms! Great idea :)


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