Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Since I already wrote a few letters this week, I thought I would keep it going for you all.  I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!

Dear A,

Congratulations on thriving this semester.  You were under quite a bit of pressure, and you still did great.  Kudos.  Just not the gross granola bars called "Kudos" that we ate all the time as kids.  Although if you really wanted, I could run to the store and get you some of those Clif Crunch Bars you love so much.  Because I'm very, very proud of how hard you worked.

Dear B,

You are a fantastic kitty.  I love that you make a reliable alarm clock, and help ensure that I get up in the mornings to feed you before I go work out.  I do wish you would let me cuddle your dad without you being in the middle of everything though.

Dear work,

You and I have not been great friends this week.  Please change for the better next week.  Thanks.

Dear Uterus,

You've been absolutely suck-tastic this month, between random outbursts and my usual monthlies.  Really now, there is no need for this kind of anger.  I promise you, if I have to kill someone because of you, no good will come of it.

Dear V,

It kills me that you're home this weekend, and we might not get to see each other.  It's been too long since we had shenanigans.  I miss your face lots.

Dear mommy-in-law,

You are the best future mother in law a girl could ever hope for.  Thank you for accepting me, loving me, and welcoming me into the family.  You didn't have to do any of these things, but it sure does make life a lot more awesome.

Dear step-mommy-in-law,

I totally lucked out with you, too.  Thank you for being such a warm, genuine person.  I'm sad we aren't going to be at Disneyworld, but I really am hoping we'll see you at Labor Day.  And then we can drink wine together, and I'll blog about it.

Dear Mom,

I had no plans of leaving you out of mom-fest just because you gave birth to me.  You made it through the first few days of radiation, which is pretty great.  You are totally dominating on cancer.  Your fight and your optimism is pretty impressive.  You're on the downward swing of the tough treatment, so just hang in there for a few more weeks.  Then we'll all go out and celebrate.

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  1. wow. happy mother's day to your amazing mom! and B ... I love you too.

  2. aww such a sweet note to your mommy in law. made me smile :)

    found you via the newlywed link up!

  3. dude, i love my mother in law.

    we are lucky, lucky girls.

  4. you have a beautiful family! loved your letters to your mom and mom-in-law! so sweet! thanks for linking up with me!


  5. Hooray for the semester almost being over. Hubs is almost done and graduating next week. Thank the lord!

  6. Girl.

    LIsten, about our uterus and things like that - we need them - so we too can become mom's one day.

    I might become a mom in jail this go round with my period though, I wanna kill like 995 people a day, at least.

    But not you, never you.

    Your mom is gonna rock, rock, rock cancer. Stupid cancer. Wonderful mom.


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