Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That's Hot???

I had to stop reading most fashion blogs.  Every time they would pop up a post of an outfit that was inspired by some runway collection, or they are showing off the newest, trendiest stuff, I find myself saying, "Do their boyfriends/husbands really go out with them looking that way?"

Would you wear this?

I read a blog for a little bit about a woman whose boyfriend told her that nearly all of her clothes were hideous.  She said he didn't understand fashion.  I say, to heck with fashion.  If I'm getting dressed, I want my man to enjoy looking at me.  After all, if he's not looking at me, who's he going to be looking at instead???

Fashion begs the question of who you're trying to impress (in my mind).  I like to look put together, and I have a personal style.  It isn't fashionable, and most of my favorite staples come from Ann Taylor.  I like to buy things I can wear for 20 years without feeling dated.  Most trends are so utterly beyond me.  Sometimes I try just for fun, and I feel so not me, that even if it looks good, I don't look good because I feel awkward about it.

So you won't really see "What I wore" posts from me.  I hesitate to say never, but I have no intentions of posting pictures of me in slacks with a tank top and cardigan... because that's what I wear pretty much every day.  Yes, boring.  But I also know that my boyfriend isn't embarrassed to be seen with me in public.  Big bonus in my opinion.

How do you feel about fashion?  Do you bother to even pay attention?


  1. I totally agree with you! You'll never see a "what I wore post" from me either. I've shown some of the fashion trends to my boyfriend, and he couldn't believe it. I know he'd be embarrassed to be seen with me in some of that stuff. I stick to what we both think looks good. Thankfully, we share the same taste.

  2. you know me ... it's a big deal when i wear pants with a zipper {apparently}. so, i obviously love this post.

  3. I like fashion but not in a trendy sort of way. If that even makes sense? I have a certain style that I'm drawn to (bohemian) so I don't really experiment with the trends. If its not something I'm drawn to inherently, I leave it alone. Kinda like rompers. ;)

  4. Hahaha, where did you find that runway photo? That is seriously a hideous outfit! I definitely have my comfy/classic style that I like to rock. Sometimes the "trend of the day" happens to fit my style and I go shopper crazy. However, there are times where the only thing that I buy during that season is underwear and socks because the style is sooooo bad (last year anyone?). I'll admit too, I still have stuff in my closet that I wore in High School!!! It is starting to get a little thread bare though so I'm hoping that it will hold out until some awesome "new" trend comes along that fits ME!

  5. I pay attention, but most stuff out there:
    1. I would NEVER wear (um, no one wants to see my assets in skinny jeans, believe me).
    2. I hate the TOO layered look (don't you ppl get hot?!).
    3. I like to be comfy (what a thought!)
    4. My hubby would probably disown me (divorce is never an option - lol) if I wore a get-up like that.

    So I'm more to the classics as well...but mostly because it's cheaper that way. Classis is way cheaper 'cause it last through lifetimes...:)

  6. Listen.

    My best friend is big into fashion, and she's big into trying to get me to wear civilized closed and by civilized clothes I mean clothes that fit me properly. I'm pretty useless.

    I follow a few blogs, that post themselves in outfits, and I usually just think about how glad I am that I don't care about my outfit, that sounds exhausting.


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