Friday, May 4, 2012

From real life...

Guys, I want you to meet my best friend.  Her name is Victoria.  I call her V.  She's my cancerian lover.  Our birthdays are days apart, and I'm positive that we became friends with another person for the express purpose of meeting and becoming best friends.

Okay girls.  Don't hate on her for how gorgeous she is.  She has the biggest heart.  And she will make you laugh.  And she works in the film industry.

...So if you're gonna hate her, do it because she is awesome sauce times one billion.  And now, this best friend of mine has a blog where she's sharing her life with you and me.  You need to avoid this blog, because I don't want you stealing my best friend go read it and love her.

Find her here.  I don't think you'll be disappointed!


  1. Yes and if you follow V you get to be in the "cool club". Kristen and Victoria are nice like that:) So welcoming to their cool crew:)
    Love Miss V's blog - :)
    Happy Friday Lovely Girl!

  2. Too cute! =) I'll check out her blog fa sho!

  3. "avoid this blog, because I don't want you stealing my best friend" I rolled, because if you aren't fearful of losing your best friend, then you don't love them near enough.

    It's normal.

    Oh and your best friend is beautiful. film industry.. hum.

  4. Awww, Can I just say that you are absolutely AMAZING!!!! You are such an awesome friend and I am so happy that we came into each others live :) Your post made me sooooo happy today, and I especially love how i am "awesome sauce times one billion". If I am the awesome sauce then you are the cheese to my macaroni and you know how much I love cheese :) haha. I love you so much girl, and as soon as I have people reading my blog (who aren't already reading yours) I am gonna give you the biggest shout out ever so that I can get even more people to fall in love with you :D

  5. Following per your glowing recommendation! = )


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