Thursday, May 31, 2012

I crafted!

After a significant amount of time where I SHOULD have been crafting, and was instead blogging, I finally managed to tear myself away from the computer long enough to do a quick, simple project.

What you're seeing here are hand-painted clothespins that I then strung from crochet string to create some extra organization.  I can tell you are all just amazed by my creative streak, but girls, contain yourselves.  Really.  Even you can do this, I swear.

The first thing you need to do is obtain your supplies.  In this case, I used acrylic paint, brushes, and clothespins.  Make yourself some painting friendly space, and lay everything out.  See how easy this is so far?  Now it's time for the actual painting. I'm pretty terrible with a brush, so my designs are pretty basic.  I want to use these as an organizational tool, so there are different categories, like school and finances, as well as 2 more "catch-all" designs.  These are what they looked like a little bit closer up.

So yeah.  I can tell you are all blown away by my mad painting skills.  I know I am...

How have you gotten creative lately?


  1. I could organize all day long. I could. But, I don't really paint. I would probably just put several clothespins in the paint bucket and swish them around for a while. kind of like how I make chocolate covered pretzels. So now I'm a horrible cook and a horrible crafter. nice.

  2. Looking at you being all crafty and organized. now, will you come organize my pantry? please and thank you.

  3. Well isn't this great. Your smart, energetic and crafty. I knew you were the best! I may at some point ask you to stop being inspirational.

  4. This is such a good idea! I bet once it's filled up it will look great and it didn't seem too difficult to do.
    I will do this in the day....hopefully sooner rather than later. :)


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