Friday, May 18, 2012

A little help from my friends...

The thing I love about blogging is all of the people I've met on this journey.  YOU ROCK.  Yes, you.

Sorry about the computer screen glare on my glasses.  Fail.

It's because I love you that I want to extend this offer to you.  I hope you know it's genuine.  I hope you know that it's because I want to see your dreams come true, and read all of your awesome blog posts about success beyond your wildest dreams.

I wanna be your health coach, yo.

What the heck does that mean?  That means that I will work with you to create a comprehensive plan, based on your life, that helps you meet your personal health and wellness goals.  My objective is to help you find out why you are not necessarily where you want to be.  I will work with you to find out why you are stuck at a certain point, and you are not reaching your fullest potential.  I will be your friend, ally, support, and encourager.

So, I want you to know I have credentials for this.  I have a BS degree in Exercise Science.  I have also completed a certification course in Health Counseling through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  All of this means that I spend a lot of time thinking about health and wellness, and what it all means.  I understand some of the crazy that goes on in a woman's body when she decides to make big changes.  But most of all, I know how to help you figure out what your body is trying to tell you, and how to work in harmony with your body.

So, here's what I'm offering.  There are a few options, and I don't want any of you to feel pressured to pick any of them.  But I've been happening around the blogosphere lately, and there are a lot of people looking to meet their health goals right now.  If I can help you in any way, I'm happy to do it.


The Whole Enchilada
This is for those of you who want a real-deal, all the bells and whistles health coach.  This option will cost money, but will be on a sliding scale basis of what you can comfortably afford to pay.  You get a free health history consultation, 2 over the phone (or skype) sessions a month, plus goodies and handouts, plus email encouragement and support (see push-up bra option).

This option is designed to help you realize your fullest potential over a 6-12 month span of time.  We'll work together to overcome your stumbling blocks, and at the end, you will be amazed by how your life has transformed.

The Appetizer
This option is for the chickadee who wants some help, but doesn't want to go all out.  This person knows generally what their goals are, but wants some help in making them a reality.  This option will also cost a little bit, but less than the Enchilada, and still based on what you can afford to pay.  With this, I'll be giving you one over the phone session a month, fun handouts, goodies, and email support and encouragement (see push-up bra option).

This option is great if you want to see what health counseling is good for.  This is also good for people who are great at self-motivating between sessions, but just need someone to be a sounding board and provide periodic advice and encouragement.

The Push-up bra
Yup, the push-up bra.  This is my FREE option.  For anyone, at anytime, whether you follow this bloggy or not.  You can email me a brief question about health, and I will be happy to answer you.  You can ask me for encouragement, and I will do my best to flood you with the love and support you need, via email.  You won't get the goodies and handouts, or the opportunity to hear my voice on the phone, but you'll be getting moi in your email inbox on a semi-regular basis.  Who wouldn't want that?


If there is any way that I can help you meet your goals, please email me and tell me how I can best support you.  I am so happy to help you in any way that I can!  Getting healthy is stressful, don't go it alone!


  1. these 'names' of your packages are the best. especially love the push-up bra. too fun.

  2. Your newest follower!! I think this is so awesome! :)) I have recently joined a group of girls and we are doing a 90 Day Challenge to meet our goals. I have also been posting "fitspiration friday" posts from guest posters. You should check it out! And- I knew from your picture you were from Colorado- I am a native Coloradoan ;) I miss it!!

  3. There is no helping me, I'm eating chips ahoy & yogurt. i'm a lost cause.

  4. Wow, sounds great! This might be something I am interested in once I start working again (next week!!) and can figure out my budget:)

  5. I think you've been my "push-up bra" since the beginning:) I may email you like almost everyday about health stuff now...uh oh...or text you - bahahaha {<-my evil laugh}

  6. LOVE this! Good for you girl!! And after 4 babies i need a pushup bra in more than one way! LOLOL! For SERIOUS! I'm training now for my first half in September but since I had my babies all so close together and was on bedrest for the last 2 pregnancies I feel like i'm STILL starting from scratch. it's so weird because i go and think i can STILL do certain things when in reality i'm just not the same anymore. BUT...i want to get that back!!!!!

  7. This is such a great idea! I may have to take you up on it, but I'm a little scared.

    Why does the thought of committing to weight loss & a healthier lifestyle scare me??


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