Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tips and tricks

I've seen a lot of posts about blogging tips and tricks lately.  A lot of people writing about the things they wish they'd known when they started.  The things they learned the hard way.

While the name of this post might make you believe I'm writing one of those posts, I'm not.  Not at all.

Neither is it a post about turning tricks.  This is a classy blog, guys.  My moms (all 3 of them) read this blog.  And then tell me in detail what they think when they see me (I love you guys and your feedback, btw!!!).

Circa 1985.  Hideous sectional care of the 70's.  You're welcome.
To tell the truth, I'm pretty sure I go about this blogging thing all wrong.  I haven't sponsored a big blog.  I'm not interested in giving strangers a bunch of free crap just to pretend to like me.  I occasionally drop mild curse words.  I don't email people begging them to swap buttons with me.  My daily page views are all over the map.

I am a hot blogging mess.  I don't stick to one topic.  I can't make any subject simultaneously charming, sweet and funny, unlike Dusty.  I'm not as brave, or as compelling in my writing as Shay.  My blog is not the bottled love that Nay shares on a daily basis.  I'm just Kristen.  I don't take pictures of anything usually, and I avoid Target as much as possible.  I have hang-ups that I don't share with all of you.  I think it's so crazy, yet flattering that you are reading these words right now.  And, by the way, I do think it's necessary you go visit the above mentioned women.  Go ahead, it's okay, I don't mind.  Just come back for the last paragraph, deal?

So if I could give anyone reading this out there just one tip... start a blog that you would want to read yourself.  Don't start the blog that everyone else writes, or that you think someone else wants to read.  I want to know about you.  And if you're reading this, I want you to tell me who you are, and where I can learn more about you.  I am intensely interested in your life.  Please share it with us all.  I am so giving you permission to shamelessly plug your blog in the comments section just this once.  Go ahead!  Do it, I quadruple dog dare you.  Yup, now you gotta do it, my cousin Jerod says so.  He's the serious one in that picture.

With love...


  1. When I first started blogging almost a year ago, I was writing things I thought people wanted me to write. I ended up scrapping it and starting over. The most important thing about blogging is that people are expecting you to be yourself. No, I don't have thousands of readers, but quality is SO much better than quantity! I love how you keep it real on your blog!

  2. Ha ha ha! =) Love your blog! I don't 'turn tricks' either, tee hee hee. I do sponsor some blogs, but they are little ones like mine, usually. And I mostly hate giveaways. But I do love me some Target.

    You know where to find me...

    Maggie B.

  3. I started blogging four years ago. The first three years I wrote a blog that was not my style and I was trying to fit a mold. I had a good following I guess, but it was not me at all. So I started my new blog and write things that make me happy and feel so much better.

    I would shamelessly plug my blog, but let's get real I have no shame. Ha-Ha.

    Great post...seriously.

  4. The blogging classes I take kind of urges people to identify themselves or their blog as a certain type. Like you, I don't want to fit a mold. I want to blog about what I want to blog about when I want to blog about it. That is what attracts me to your blog - I never know what you're going to post next! So glad to catch up after a month of travel, surgery, and illness. :)

  5. "I'm not as brave, or as compelling in my writing as Shay."

    and now I am having the best day, even if I didn't click on the link to see if it's actually me..

    So. I don't do sponsors. I don't give away stuff. Blog, and make sure it sets you free. It's okay.

  6. I'm the girl that's bottled up with love? Seriously...not after you read today's post - lol!!!

    Yes, please everyone, just get back to basic blogging. I want to read posts not enter giveaway after giveaway...or read other people's guest posts on your blog.

    I'm on to talk - lol! I have someone else on every Monday...but I'm torn 'cause I want to promote others...

    Yeah, so back to the bottled with love thing...:)
    love ya girl!

  7. I jumped into the rabbit hole and stumbled upon your blog and love it :)

    Like you, I am a hot mess who is all over the place when it comes to blogging. Mostly because a) that's just how my brain is and b) if things are too organized, it gets SO boring.

    And just because you dared me...

    What what!


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