Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting smoothier

It's no secret that we love the smoothies in our house.  I have a smoothie at least twice a week, and if I didn't think I was in danger of blowing out our blender, I would make one every day.

Oh wait, starting in June I committed to drinking a smoothie every day.  Guess I'd better start my blender research.  Does Oster still make blenders?  Up until a few years ago, my mom had the bestest Oster.  It was older than me.  We had a million different jars for it.  Find me an Oster, I will give you a prize.  Ready? Go!

So while we're all doing a fun research project, I though I'd share with you one of my new favorite smoothie recipes.  It's so good.  I told Ammon it was really yucky, in hopes he wouldn't want as much, and would leave it for me.  Do you think he listened?

Yeah, that's a big negative.  I tried to convince him that because it was pink, it wasn't going to be good.  He still didn't believe me.  Gosh, you try to be nice to a guy, and he drinks your concoctions anyway.

What you need:
One small pineapple, skin, top, and core removed (you could use a can of pineapple instead I guess)
8 oz water
2 servings vanilla protein powder
One banana
One cup frozen strawberries

What you do:
1) Put protein powder, water and pineapple in blender.  Blend until all of the pineapple is broken down nicely.
2) Add banana and frozen strawberries.  Blend again for 2-3 minutes.  This makes the texture amazing.  Don't shortchange your blending time.
3) Pour into your favorite glasses and enjoy.  This makes 2 HUGE smoothies, so you will either need to be able to consume it all at once, or cut down on the recipe.

This is the face Ammon made when I told him I was giving myself more than I was giving him:

I guess I'm not so nice after all...


  1. Ha! Love Mr. A's face:)
    So do you replace a meal for the smoothie?
    I wanna try!!!

  2. I have an Oster!! It's only a week old. I think I got it at Walmart to replace an old blender. Seems to work great.

  3. This looks amazing and delicious, and the second I unpack my blender, I will probably drop everything and make this.


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