Thursday, March 15, 2012


Miss Nay over at Cover to Cover... and Everything in Between was talking about secrets the other day.  Big, deep, heavy secrets.  How sometimes those secrets need to stay hidden, because they hurt more when you talk about them.

I totally dig that.  Especially in this big, scaring world of blogging.  Anyone who writes a blog about their own life and experiences puts a lot out there, and assumes a certain amount of acceptance between themselves and their readers.  But I, personally, wouldn't say that I trust the internet at large with a big, juicy secret.  I trust you, readers, with a lot, but then there are people who come along who aren't regular readers, people who maybe... wouldn't understand this dynamic.

I totally dig it in real life too.  Those big secrets, even if they're old, you can't just give them to anyone.  It costs something to go there.  It is great if you can find a confidant, but to find someone you trust with information that defined and shaped a pivotal time in your life isn't easy.  It takes time.  Those aren't the things you give up on day one, after year one.  Those aren't the friends tht come along every day either.

I also think it's important to appreciate the people in your life who can fill that role.  I am so lucky that A is one of those people I can trust with my shadows.  That he can appreciate me more for the things I have experienced.  Thanks A, for letting me trust you always.

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