Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What motivates you?  The above was a major source of motivation for me the first time I lost a whole bunch of weight.  I was so, so, so very obsessed about showing everyone how amazing I looked.  It seems very petty now, and so insignificant. 

Then I saw this.  This resonates with me, as I have really started getting back into yoga again after a long break.  I remember that just before I quit last time, I was doing some pretty cool stuff.  I usually walked out of the yoga studio feeling unstoppable.  And yet, I still managed to quit.

I'm still trying t find my motivation.  Motivation strong enough to keep me going, something meaningful and with purpose.  I would love to hear what motivates you, or what has motivated you in the past, too!

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  1. I still need to start doing yoga. What am I waiting for? Most unflexible girl in the world. I should check the class times today.


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