Monday, March 12, 2012


Yesterday, I made bread.

In this picture, one loaf is already missing, because A really loves hot, fresh bread.  I really love the practicality of making my own bread.  The total cost for all 5 loaves was somewhere around $3.50.  My home felt warm, and smelled amazing.  And there is something incredibly therapeutic about taking out your frustrations on a hapless ball of dough.

It got me thinking about Bread-winners versus bread makers, and the pressure put on women by society to do it all.  The pressures that women put on themselves to do it all.

I decided that should I ever need to choose one of those roles over the other, I will choose to be the bread maker.  Not because I dislike work (I really love to work, in fact), but because to buy just one loaf of similar quality bread would have cost more than I spent to make 5.  Because I know what is going into our bodies when I make our bread.  And because there are just some wonderful homemade skills that should never be forgotten.


  1. There is nothing like homemade bread... besides the smell of homemade bread. :) And the taste of the dough. We love making bread in our household. :) And I have to say, although I had not planned on being a bread winner (not the main one, but a contributing one), I do enjoy it.

  2. These look delicious. My mom makes homemade bread pretty often, but (1) I don't live with her and (2) she cheats and uses a bread machine. I'd love if you would post the recipe you use! =) I'd give making my own bread a try.


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