Friday, March 30, 2012

Realized Dreams

So, after the heaviness of yeterday's post (which, by the way, I have been obsessing over.  I hope you don't think I was seeking pity!), we're lightening up a lot today.  As many dreams as I still have, I know that I am living so many great dreams already, and it's important to acknowledge that.  How often do we remark that we're "living the dream", but we are being sarcastic?  I know I'm guilty.  But really, I'm lucky.  Here's why:

I have stable employment that not only pays me, but also provides me with an AMAZING place to live.

 My work situation has allowed for A to go back to school without having to work.  We are so glad for this, because he's majoring in Chemistry, and spends the majority of his waking hours studying.  Without my job, school would be much more of a struggle.

I could get B to do this...
I am able to take classes for yet another degree online.  As tough as the classes are for me, and as much free time as they take up, I'm still able to work and improve myself at the same time.

We have a cat who acts decidedly dog-like, and is a total lover.

I have the most supportive readers!  You guys are so kind and wonderful, and I am so blessed that you stop by for a chat every now and then.

I hope that today you get a moment to stop and realize the dreams that you are living right now!

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  1. Hilarious :) and hey, blogs are suppose to be about the tough times and the light times, share it all away! Much love.


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