Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do you Endomondo?

Happy Sunday!

So, has anyone other than me heard of Endomondo?  It's a fitness/workout tracker for garmin devices and Droid phones.  I heart it.  Not just because it tracks my workouts, but because there's this whole social networking, monthly challenges side of it.  You find your friends on there, and all of a sudden, you all can see each others' workouts, and help each other stay accountable to getting it done each week.

And the challenges, people.  If you're anything like me, you love a good challenge.  You love to compete, even if you are well aware that you probably won't win.  But the sad news is, I have one friend on Endomondo.  It's A, and he doesn't even use it for anything.  So the only challenges I participate in right now are the ones open to everyone.

From Pinterest

If you have a Droid phone, will you Endomondo with me?  We can do challenges together.  I would really love to do monthly challenges, and feature the winner on my blog each month, and then give them a cute as heck, non fitness related prize!  I am really excited about this idea.  Please tell me you are too.

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