Friday, March 9, 2012


When I was studying Health Counseling, the founder of the school, Joshua Rosenthal, explained the following about health:  Health is not some arbitrary destination, nor is it necessarily a journey.  Health is a vehicle by which one lives their life.  There may be a journey towards health if one is not in possession of good health, but one should not simply be satisfied to have their health.  They should use health to live their dreams.

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This rocked me to my core.  I was running at the gym the first time I heard the lecture that introduced this concept.  I thought that I got this.  I mean, live life to the fullest, right?  Enjoy health!

I totally didn't get it until recently.  Until my mom got cancer, and her new 'do got rather... aerodynamic.  Despite all of this, my mom hasn't stopped.  She has slowed down some, but the woman is still rockin' it.  She's still working on the non-profit she's worked with since my brother and I were young.  She's still running all kinds of errands.  And peeps, my mom is still skiing.  In fact, on Monday when we went skiing she was willing to keep skiing when I was ready to be done.  She didn't want to take a lot of breaks, and even when we did take breaks, they were short.

I couldn't believe it.  Yesterday, she had chemo treatment 3 of 4, and in 3 weeks, she will complete her last chemo treatment before she begins 5 weeks of radiation.  I truly, honestly hope that radiation does not take that away from her.  Because she does more with the health she currently has than most people who aren't fighting cancer.

Booyah, momma.

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