Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holistic Health

I realized that I've talked a lot about holistic health, but never my definition of that phrase.  How odd!  I also realize I have talked about a few of the things I learned at IIN, but never why I wanted to enroll there in the first place, or why I subsequently chose to not open a Health Counseling practice of my own.  I have been meaning to talk about these things, and for whatever reason, have just never gotten around to it.  Don't worry, we aren't talking about all of these things today!

Today I just want to share with you my definition of holistic health.  I'm guessing that if you've been here before, you could figure it out just by the things I talk about.  But for those who are new, here is what I think:

Holistic health means living out your most radiant, glorious dreams every day.  It means finding that perfect balance where you and you alone feel your best.  This transcends diet, exercise, illness, or infirmity.  Holistic health does not conform to one definition of what is "right".  Instead, it encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

So now that I've told you what holistic health means to me, please tell me what it means to you!

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