Monday, April 2, 2012

April theme

Happy April 2nd!  I decided to take a day from posting, so today, let's wrap up March, put a bow on it, and say goodbye for 11 months, and let's take a little bit of time to talk April.  I'm so excited for April.  Didn't I say that about March?  I did?  I guess I must be easily excited or something like that.

So let's recap what happened in March, shall we?
School officially made me a crazy person.  I think my instructors (one especially) are out of their minds.

Mom and I took a few ski trips, and she proved that she's tougher than chemo.
Speaking of chemo, she had the last chemo treatment on Thursday, and will start radiation in May.
I set my baseline 5k time at 40 min 35 sec, and set a goal to beat that by at least 10 minutes... because I'm insane awesome like that.
I started a running training plan to help me beat that 5k time.
While I didn't make a skirt, I did sew something for the Covert Robin gift exchange (more on that to come!)
We busted our grocery budget by almost $50.  Whoops...
I sent one lucky ADPi alumni a cute care package.  More on that too.

Now for April...
I'm focusing on 3 "R" words in April.

I plan to Renew my body with a vegan detox diet.
I plan to Recharge my physical and emotional batteries through exercise and good self-care.
I plan to Re-ignite my passion for life by finding activities I enjoy to participate in.

That's it.  No strong goals.  No "I must do".  3 words, but they really encompass a lot.  They help me set the stage for the rest of the year.  They give me that nervous fear that means they are big enough...

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