Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work Conversations


I love where I work.  My company is a SMALL business, with only 14 employees.  We're pretty tight.  Especially the 4 of us in leasing.  For some insane awesome reason, they hired four young women, all the same age to work together.  Can you feel it coming?  I can!

BUT (see, there it is) sometimes the conversations get a little awful, even for me.  I could probably transcribe tapes of what goes on in our office every day for your reading pleasure, and you would either be horrified, or rolling on the floor laughing.  Yesterday, even I was horrified.  The girls brought up my least favorite subject:  The pimples on their husbands' backs.  And how they pop them.  And the matter that comes out.

Did I mention that it was 9:30 in the morning?  And that I was trying to eat oatmeal at the time?  Yeeeeah.  I worked in health care for a long time.  I can talk diarrhea and eat rocky rad ice cream at the same time without batting an eyelash.  But for whatever reason, the lack of my blessed nectar (coffee), oatmeal, and oozing puss just doesn't work for me.

I have a feeling I probably just lost a reader or two.  Sorry guys.  This is really how I am.

And if you could only hear the things that our Residents say to us on a daily basis.  We work hard to maintain good relationships with our Residents, and it definitely shows in how deeply they like to delve into our personal lives.  Just over a week ago, one Resident was surprised to find out my boss had her first child at 20.  The Resident asked, "Were you WILD?"  To which my boss replied, "I got married at 19!"  Ad then the Resident repeated, "So were you WILD?"  She and I laughed for a solid 10 minutes about that one.

And then there are the small things that amuse us.  Right now, we're scanning all of our old files onto our server.  Since we've been in business for 18-some years, and manage nearly 344 apartments, that is A TON of files.  Part of the job is taking all of the staples out so that the documents can be scanned.  This is what I do with the staples when my brain hurts too much to go on for another second:
We're competing to see who gets the longest, skinniest train of staples.  There's definitely an art to getting the perfect staple stack sculpture.  Yeah, I know.  We need lives.  Badly.

Do funny things like this happen at your work?  I can't be the only one with crazy co-workers.


  1. OH my goodness If I actually wrote about work on my blog you all would be dying with the crazy stories I have. The department I am in is super tight which makes people on the outside think we are snobby, which is not the case at all.

    Love the staples by the way, that is hilarious!

  2. I love it! I'm just glad you guys aren't government employees so I can laugh, but not cringe at what my tax payer dollar is going to. ;-) I can't even begin to talk about the work convos we have... I would probably be arrested, or my co-workers would. No wonder they make us sign Non-disclosure Agreements... it's for our conversations more than our work! ;-)

    1. Haha! No, definitely not a government employee... and if you heard all of the benefits that the people with our local housing authority get, you'd probably cringe, then start cursing. I know I did. Hooray for non-disclosure agreements and their protection from the slammer. Gotta be good for something, right?

  3. P.S... the puss sounds nasty. Barfed in my mouth.


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