Friday, April 20, 2012

I cheated

So, A's brother came to visit us unexpectedly last night.  A and his brother grew up in a very meat and potatoes household.  They spent a good portion of their lives in Texas; their blood might just be barbecue sauce, I don't know.  So anyway, A's brother Erin (who I call Bil) decided he really wanted to take us out to dinner.  And only one place would do for him.

Yup.  Barbecue.  I thought about lobbying for some alternative that had vegan options.  I decided that it really wasn't worth it.  Bil (which stands for (future)Brother In Law) doesn't get to come up that often.  We like having him visit, and if we can encourage that by letting him treat us to our fave barbecue place, I really should not complain.  I knew straight off there was no way I would be getting a salad.  I knew I would be taking one meal off from detox.

Guys.  I LOVE barbecue.  Like, a lot.

So, you can imagine my shock when it didn't taste good to me.  I know that is was exceptional, because the boys kept telling me so.  The food was moist and tender.  But really, the only things that tasted good to me were the pickles and the waffle french fries.  Those tasted like heaven.

Moral of the story:  my body is so happy with my choice to cleanse right now.  It is very angry that I am trying to do something else.  Point taken, body.  Sorry for disrupting your flow.

I did get some fun pictures though to show you!

We like to pose silly for pictures.  It's just the way we roll.

A and Bil.  We have debates sometimes about how much family resemblance is there, but they both look somewhat similar to their dad.  I've never met their oldest brother in person, but from pictures I can tell that unless you see all three of them with their dad at the same time, it isn't the most obvious family resemblance.  More like cousins.  Speaking of cousins, my cousin Chey and I look more like siblings.  Proof?  Happily:

And all 6 of us on my dad's side.  I think people notice first that all of us girls smile the same:

Okay, you're probably sick of the family photo session.  I'll just leave you with the most notable exchange of the night last night.  Only brothers could say things like this to each other:

A: "Hey, I bought your balls today, okay?!?!"
Bil:  "Yeah, and then you let me use your long stick to hit them.  Your long, metal stick"

They were, in fact, talking about going out to the driving range.  They only mentioned this fact after this particular exchange.  Men, I tell ya.  Well, on that note, have a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Bahaha! I love the way men interact.

    Y'all are so cute! You and your cuzzo do look very similar.

  2. BBQ is my fave and I get to eat some tonight! =) droool.....

  3. looks and sounds like fun!!
    have a great weekend!


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