Thursday, April 26, 2012


Sometimes, when all the homework is done, when all of the blog posts have been read, there exists a few minutes for crafting.  Last week I had a little extra time, and decided to stitch up a little something:

Sorry about my foot in the front corner.  It's late, and I don't feel like editing pictures tonight.  So obviously, this project was not about perfection.  I free-handed the phrase and hearts on in pen, threw it on a hoop, and went to town.  And, as you can tell, I threw it in a frame before I even bothered to press it.  I'm a classy crafter, don't you know?

Despite it being thrown-together and wrinkled, we love it.  It is proudly displayed in our bedroom now.  I suppose at some point I should take it out of the frame and press it, but that seemed like too much wok given how little effort I put into the process in the first place.  The frame is one I picked up at ARC for a dollar.  It's gaudy, and that makes it even more fun.

So there you have it.  Proof that every now and again, I manage to do a little crafting.  And even further proof that even the laziest busiest people have time for a little creativity in their life.


  1. such a framer (the stitching, not the foot). just thought i should clarify that.

  2. I love this picture! You have quite a wonderful blog if I may say so :-)

  3. Aw so cute! And I think it's that much better, because you free handed it! Adorable! = )

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! Check it out here! = )

  4. That is adorable and would make a wonderful wedding gift in the future for someone. I love the idea alot.


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