Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A isn't vegan

At A's urging, I'm writing a post about what he'll be doing while I'm detoxing.  I have tried, more than once, to cut down on the meat in A's diet.  It doesn't work.  The boy loves meat, milk, and cheese.  Which is ok, as he seems to get pretty loopy when he doesn't have enough protein.  It does mean that I have to do some additional planning though when I choose to skip the meat.  Sure, he eats the occasional vegetarian meal, but he doesn't like to make a habit out of it.

In order to accommodate his needs, I bought some chicken, steak and pork that I individually wrapped and stuck in the freezer.  Now I can pull out one at a time (since he doesn't do leftovers), and he can have some of what I'm having for a side dish, or he can have a salad.  While I don't believe that women should be short-order cooks, I think it's important to honor the different dietary needs that a household can have.  I believe strongly in the concept of bio-individuality, and that every person has different dietary needs that must be met in order for them to live up to their fullest potential.
What A's dinner looks like now

What my dinner looks like.  Thank goodness he likes veggies!

So while A won't be eating vegan, we'll still be able to eat together.  Relationships are all about compromise, and supporting each other.  I support the fact that A eats meat, and he supports the fact that I need a lot less of it to feel good than he does.  We still aren't positive on how we will work things out if I keep eating this way after April, but we have made the commitment to support each others' needs and to make sure they are met as best as we can.

Do you and your mate have different dietary needs?  How do you meet them?  Would you consider being with someone who had a different diet than your own?

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  1. It's VERY good that you're so eager to compromise. You'll make a great wife one day. ~cough, chough~ I'm teaming up with Twitter! haha

    Anyway, my husband is a junk-food-aholic. And if I eat like that, I gain weight. His favorite foods are hot dogs, chicken nuggets or fried chicken, pizza, sodas, chips, SWEEEEEEET tea, and cookies. Haha. I adore those foods, duh, but I can't eat them. I have to have lots of fiber in my diet to stay healthy. So we eat breakfast separate because of our morning schedules. He eats fast food for lunch by choice, I eat a salad. And for dinner we compromise. He gets his way half the time and I get my way half the time. :) It works for us because it quiets my cravings but keeps me on track with my diet. I've lost about 12 lbs so far!


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