Friday, April 6, 2012

Down and Dirty

I want to tell you all how this detox is going so far.

I am eating like a hippopotamus.

I am having sugar withdrawals.

I am having caffeine withdrawals.

I am trying really hard to not take my frustration with said withdrawals out on others.

On the bright side, I know that if these problems exist, then I really needed to do this, and I am doing something wonderful and needful for my body.  While that doesn't help when I'm reaching for my 6th or 7th cup of tea for the day, I know that making it through this week is the worst.  Next week will be better.  Sorry that this week has been so... informative.  I didn't want my grumpy detox vibes leaking on any of you, so I scheduled most of my posts in advance. 

I hope that you had bright and shiny weeks, and are looking forward to a fantastic weekend!


  1. Love the pinata quote, so stealing that! If you need to vent you always know where I am :)

  2. haha, oh man! Where's a pinata where ya need it?!

    Love the blog look! :)'s an award! :)

  3. Good for you! It'll be worth it in the end :)
    Good luck as you continue the detox.
    Love the new look for your blog!

  4. Please share!! My husband and I have been wanting to try a detox. We were thinking about a juice fast!

  5. Hehehe I like the caffeine curve - it's funny because it's true!
    Good luck with your detox, I hope it gets easier!

    Holly :)
    Just dropping by from #FF!


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