Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes I'm too practical

Sunday night, A got around to doing his taxes.  Yeah, he put them off quite a bit.  Shame on him.  We found out that he was getting quite a bit of money back... far more than either of us had anticipated.

My sweet man started talking about what he wanted to do with his tax return.  He had a twinkle in his eye.  I mentioned that his refund would go a long way towards paying off the loan on the car we got him a year and a half ago.  The interest payment on the car is sky high, and standing in the way of being able to do some other really cool things (like replacing my car).

He deflated a bit.  Told me he had something more round in mind for that money.  More sparkly.  More all about this girl right her. I know some of you are downright giddy right now, because you know what I'm about to say.  Homeboy was thinking something along these lines:

And ladies, I'm not even going to lie.  I was pretty darn tempted to be selfish, and to get me the pretty, pretty ring on the double.

And I told him not to.  Why???  We are living together, we know we're going to get married, why on Earth would I tell him not to buy me the rock?  Because I'm insane practical.

We don't want to get married until he's done with school, and I think being engaged for the next 2 years would really make me want to push the wedding up... by a lot.

His funds and resources as a non-working full-time college student are limited to say the very least.  He needs that extra cushion in the event of unexpected expenses.

I really want our debt paid down.  I know that we are accruing student loan debt, but that is debt with a purpose, debt we are confident is worth it.  The 12% interest rate on his car loan is just PAINFUL, and not purposeful.

Please guys, leave some love telling me I did the right thing.  It made me sad to tell him he couldn't lavish me with the engagement ring of my dreams.

Hope that your Tuesday is fantastic!


  1. I totally think you did the right thing. :) It's moments like this that it's truly the thought that counts. :)

  2. You know that you did the right thing :) Rings may be pretty and shinny, but it will be there eventually! and when it does come it will be so much better than knowing that it came from tax refunds ;)

  3. You Did The Right Thing!
    You are being level-headed...and when the time comes for him to bend that knee - I have a HUGE FEELING that he'll make up for it! Graduation first...then the great high-paying job...equals great ring, right?
    good job, girl...hard job, but good:)

  4. Sometimes a woman has to just say what it is that she needs. You go girl!


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