Saturday, April 28, 2012

Better than Birchbox?

Ok.  I know I've written stuff before that I was afraid might lose me a reader or two.  But today, I might just be blowing it.  I found something that, in my opinion, is better than Birchbox.

I KNOW.  You all are scoffing, and getting ready to close the tab.  I get it, you love yourself some Birchbox.  I know it is beauty sample heaven.  But guys, since I quit doing Mary Kay, I pretty much stopped putting on any make-up.  99 out of 100 times you see me, I have no make-up on.  And I can't bring myself to order monthly skincare and make-up samples I'm not into using.

So when I found out about Klutch Club I knew I had found my own personal Birchbox.  It's a little more expensive at $18/month, but oh so worth it.  I signed up for a 3 month membership, and got my first box last Friday.  Wanna see what I got?

Are you seeing all of that goodness?  Yes, that is a FULL LENGTH yoga dvd with 3 different routine options.  A bottle of Omega Swirl fish oil (so good for you, and pretty pricey to buy at Whole Foods), some coconut water, an awesome all-natural exfoliating face wash, lentil chips, seed and fruit trail mix, a KIND bar, a powdered energy drink, skin detox tea samples, and a $25 off coupon for a hyde yoga clothing purchase.

You can't even buy the yoga dvd for $18.  If you are into learning about the latest and greatest in health, wellness, and nutrition, this might just be up your alley.

So is it really better than birchbox?  That depends on you.  But I guess you never know unless you know that it exists in the first place, right?

**Klutch Club is not paying or compensating me in any way.  I'm just super impressed with my haul and thought you might like it too**


  1. That is so awesome! I've never heard of that before... Off to check it out! Thanks for sharing! = )

  2. That does look like a pretty good deal, though sadly I don't think they would ship to me! :(


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