Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Will guess for yogurt

Tuesday nights at our local TCBY are "Guess the weight" Tuesdays. How rad is that???  You guess the weight of your yogurt, and it's free.  I love yogurt.  However, I practically live for free yogurt.  And you'd better believe that after a single over-under, I guessed the weight dead on, and got this bad boy for free.  Yup, life = awesome.

Unfortunately, it seems as though not everyone is as awesome at guess the weight as I am.  We watched 3 boys create MONSTER creations, guess wrong after 15 guesses each, and then dash once they realized that they had a $32 bill.  It made me angry, because the yogurt girls are really nice, and didn't know what was happening.

Ammon is a terrible over-under guesser.  Even when he gets awesome hints.  I should have guessed for him, and then our whole thing would have been free.

So really, next time you need to guess the weight, call me maybe?

On the wedding blog today:  Our venue and wedding date.  Check it out!!!


  1. wow!
    i might call you for that. i need me some yogurt. lots of them

  2. How cool! I LOVE frozen yogurt, and free makes it even better!

  3. lol, that is freaken awesome!! i could never guess the weight. :)

  4. what is over-under? I'm sad that the nearest yogurt shop is 45 minutes from my house. but, there is a really fabulous lcoal ice cream shop that makes home made ice cream from their own cows. i want a cow that makes ice cream....

  5. How do you dash at a make your own yogurt place?? Totally rude


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