Thursday, October 25, 2012

My dirty running confession

So, Tuesday I admitted to having a nasty meltdown because something came up last minute on Friday.  Yesterday, I conclusively proved that I am a hoarder.  So I felt that it was only fair to continue making myself look undeniably non-blog worthy with today's post.  We'll forever call this, "the week where Kristen showed us her ugly."

Before I get to that, however, it is my duty to share with you the photo I took last night as I was walking out of class.

It may be my only redeeming moment for the duration of this post.  Pretty, no?  I can tell you, I must love you all a lot, because it was COLD as I was standing out there trying to snap the perfect photo.  I do love you.

Alright, on to the incriminating evidence.  In case you haven't been around here in the past 2 weeks, I went out and bought myself a treadmill not too long ago, and it sits happy as a clam in our living room.

Now, I appreciate the purists out there who can run on a treadmill for any amount of time without some sort of distraction, be it a friend, a book, music, or the television.  Those "in the zone" people.  Good for you.  I'm not that way.  Thus, my treadmill sits about 2 feet from our tv, so that I can watch my shows while I make myself miserable.  That's not the incriminating part.  No, no, no.  It's what I watch that's the issue.

Oh, but I don't limit myself JUST to my girl Paula.  Oh no, that would not suit.

Source: via Daniel on Pinterest

Actually, the more fattening and gluttonous, the happier and more engrossed I become.  There's something about watching these shows that makes me feel the urge to work out, because I feel like I'm going to throw a clot from all the cholesterol they're cooking with.  So it only seemed natural to give in to those urges, and actually run. 

I totally torture myself with amazing food when I'm on the treadmill.  I love butter and bacon, y'all.  There's no way around that.  Add in some cream cheese, and we are good to go.  Keep the unhealthiest stuff coming, cooking show celebrities...  I'll be ready for my half marathon in no time with you 3 on my side.


  1. this is hilarious! and I love a good Paula Deen meme hahaha.

  2. What I am watching out my window at work right now qualifies as a blizzard. It's really coming down. I might not get to leave. And they took my truck that has amazing tires yesterday so they could get it's safety and emissions done. They gave me a crappy replacement truck with tires that are as slick as snot. I almost died driving to work today.

    And I made some cookies the other day (in my Paula Dean bowls) and the recipe called for a stick and half of butter. For a recipe that makes like, two and a half batches. (aka nothing) I really felt like Paula Dean.

  3. Paula Dean scares me, like enough for her to be in a haunted house scary! and I totally have to be distracted while on a treadmill, thank goodness for technology and headphones :) Keep going!

  4. Haha! Food-watching while running. Love it. I need a treadmill! This cold weather allows me an excuse to put off training :)

  5. I love watching Paul Dean and Man v. Food. Seriously. But watching MVF also kind of makes me want to go purge the entire contents of my stomach. And the only two things that could entice me to ever run are: a) someone very big and scary chasing me and b) someone running away from me while holding any number of assorted junk foods I love (twinkies, hostess cupcakes, those chocolate peanut butter things).

    And snow already? WTF? We're going to get a hurricane Tuesday. That'll be epic.

  6. I always watch the Food Network when I work out. I'm hoping it will eventually make me associate food with luck so far!

  7. Hahaa! What GREAT motivation. You are one interesting lady, Kristen. Always keeping us on our toes!

  8. I love cooking shows! Food Network is amazing. Maybe you're on to something. Run/exercise while watching a cooking show so you can feel good about eating yummy food?!

  9. Pahahahah! You should have seen me on the treadmill today, I accidentally launched my iPod/Phone off of it (my hand got wrapped in the cord while I was running) and almost hit some dude in the shin. I then proceeded to almost fall off the treadmill because I tried to hop off while it was still moving. Yeah, I looked really cool.

  10. You crack me up! And by the way as I was fighting through the last half mile of my 5k last night your voice was shouting in my head. You totally helped me finish! I was cursing the cramps, cursing the wind, and you were cursing at me. Ok you weren't really cursing at me but I could definitely hear you telling me to keep going. So thanks!


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