Monday, October 15, 2012

Wigwams, Gnomes, and Treadmills

Do you know how you have those friends that whenever you talk to them, the conversation always comes back to topics you've talked about before?  And from there, you feel some epic inside jokes just start to brew and bubble?  That's how I feel whenever I skype with Maggie.  I said it last week, but it's worth repeating:  She's hilarious.  If you don't already know her, you need to meet her.  She lives in a log cabin in Connecticut.  She has a pit-bull named Shirley.  She isn't afraid to call you out when you drop the F-bomb.

And she likes to talk about how the Pilgrims killed the Indians.  I can not make this stuff up, guys.  I just can't.  We have officially had this conversation twice.  Third time, and I'm pretty sure we'll be cemented as "those friends with a moderately inappropriate inside joke".  I can't wait.

We also discovered that when Maggie wears the hood up on her hoodies, she looks like a Gnome.  She tells me though that she does not fit into carry on luggage, so she's not sure how the "never roam alone" thing will work out.  I'm considering winning the lottery, so that Maggie can be upgraded from checked luggage to her very own seat on the plane.  I'm a kind soul like that.

Also, her husband came in halfway through our chat, because he'd just gone out to purchase a 3/4 inch socket for their socket wrench.  Maggie put it on her thumb, and we learned that her thumb is smaller than a 3/4 inch socket.  If you were considering making her a thumb ring to cement your friendship, please note her thumb size for your ring-making endeavors.

As much fun as Maggie and I have, after 2 hours we had to part ways, so that the man friend and I could eat dinner.  We went to Carino's, because Ammon loves that they do free refills on Italian sodas.  He had 5 or 6, and he had a different flavor almost every time.  Not surprisingly, he had to pee for the next 3 hours straight.  Sometimes, moderation is a good thing.

But really everyone, Saturday was where it was at.  Saturday, we went to go see about a treadmill.

I had been debating about getting a treadmill for quite some time.  I knew that it would be a great investment with half marathon training being right around the corner.  After pricing them out, I knew that a new one just wasn't in the cards... the $750 - $2,000 price tag for a treadmill is awfully steep!  So I turned to my dear friend Craigslist to help me find the right treadmill for us.  I wanted one that was under $350, could fold up, but wasn't a million years old.  It took some searching, but at last, I found her down in Longmont.

It took a lot of rearranging, but we found her a place in our living room.  Originally, we had planned on putting a treadmill in the dining room, and putting our table and chairs into storage.  However, I really like having the windows right there, so I can open them when it's hot.  Also, I am right next to the tv.  It is the best situation possible, really.

I got my first run in yesterday.  This treadmill and I are going to have many delightful days together.  I just know it.

In completely unrelated news, did you know that before I started a DIY blog?  Yeah, me neither, but apparently, I did.  It was a huge flop, and I never really did enough DIY projects to make it worthwhile.  However, I picked an amazing name:  For Richer or for DIY.  It fits so perfectly as a great space for us to share our wedding plans with the world.  So as of today, it's re-launching as our DIY wedding blog.  I'm really nervous, but thrilled at the same time.  I really don't want this space to turn into all wedding, all the time channel.  It may mean that I don't post quite as much over here, but that when I am posting over here, it's quality.  Likewise, I probably will not post daily over there, but I'm hoping that when I post over there, that it's something that you can enjoy!  So if you're so inclined, head on over there and check us out =).

That's all I have for you today.  Have a beautiful day!


  1. I have been dying for a used, new-to-us treadmill! you're so lucky to have found one.

  2. First, I'm not sure how I feel about being usurped for a treadmill - low blow, friend. Low blow.

    Second, wigwams are way better then Tepees - besides, I practically live in a wigwam.

    Third, I think a flight seat is mandatory as the cargo hold is not heated and you'd just end up with a frozen Maggie gnome. Not good.

    Otherwise, I laughed my pants off reading this. I'll delve into our 2nd date on Thrusday... =)

  3. I want a treadmill so bad!! And I'm excited to check out the wedding blog!

  4. You sound like you had an eventful weekend:) I love old friends like that, they are the best! Congrats on finding your mill a home :)

  5. I am so excited for you and your treadmill!!!

    And I have looked at your DIY blog... once. and then I realized that it was an old blog so I didn't look at it again. Yes, I'm awesome. Happy Monday!


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