Thursday, October 4, 2012

Carmageddon and other thoughts

So, for those of you who don't give a flip (or are not a US citizen, and therefore are allowed to not give a flip) about the political climate of the United States, there was the first of 3 Presidential debates last night.  I didn't watch, because I figured it was more valuable to o to my Business Law class, an creep on Facebook to find out what people thought of the debates.  I call it a two-fer... I got to absorb the wisdom and knowledge of a judge, AND learn that very little substance was actually debated.  Rockin.

This first debate was held at the University of Denver.  I'm pretty certain they picked CO, because it's been targeted as one of the most influential swing states in the election.  Really, CO is the most random state politically, because there are dense pockets of Democrats, surrounded by vast yet more sparse fields of republicans.  I decided to draw you a map, so you could have a more clear understanding of what it's like.  Please note, I am highly skilled with the paint application... this took years of hard work and dedication.  Really, it did.  I know you're going to be jealous, but please try to contain yourself.

Yup. I labeled Boulder for you.  Here in CO, it's sometimes referred to as the "people's republic", because they don't always like to be associated with anyone else.  Figures.

Because the debate was held at a prominent private University in downtown Denver, there were some interesting security measures put into play.  Probably the most intense, and most widely publicized was the closing of I-25, the main interstate through Denver, for a 6 mile stretch DURING RUSH HOUR.  My word, people.  Denver is a big freaking place.  That stretch of Interstate runs 8-10 lanes, and usually has a cruising speed of 15 mph during rush hour.  Not a happy place to decide to shut down.  Thank heavens I don't live anywhere near there... because it was legitimately being called "Carmageddon" on the radio.

Some other thoughts on the debates:  The only people I know of who got anything out of the debates are the people who devised elaborate drinking games to celebrate the occasion.  One of my sorority sisters was out for the count halfway through.  Also, those that have complete and utter blind faith in the candidate they are rooting for:  They got some sort of vindication from the debates, because they feel they were proven right.

I did see that SomeEcards had put out some entertaining new political cards, and that memes have already been generated in response to the debates.  However, if your friends are anything like my friends, you've already seen those.  So instead, I delved into the underbelly of pinterest humor to bring you a couple of smiles on the day after carmageddon.

From Pinterest
From Pinterest
And because Shay hates cats, I'll throw in a non-cat one too:
Yup, Still Pinterest
Happy Thursday, my bloggy friends!  Hope it's tolerable for a Thursday!


  1. I like this line: "They got some sort of vindication from the debates, because they feel they were proven right."

    I did not watch the debates either because is it different than any other election year's debate? we have a democrat candidate and a republican candidate. who are saying the same exact things that every other candidate before them have said. ugh I'm so over the whole thing :-( it just makes me sad.

  2. I didn't watch the debate bc we are old and went to bed instead. But we DVRd them and will watch tonight.

  3. I did not watch because it was some odd time of the morning here in Holland and I doubt it was shown in full anyway. From what I heard it was a bunch of mindless name calling and even a die-hard republican friend of mine said it was pointless.

    As a lefty person living in a lefty country on a lefty continent I am rooting Obama and hope his long term plan works out.

  4. I was watching more important things like MTV. Yes, I'm old as dirt and still watch MTV. Don't judge me.

  5. I watched, and I enjoyed it... but then again, I enjoy weird things like that.

    Carmageddon sounds awful.

  6. I didn't watch the debate because I was bartending at the time. Some people wanted me to put the debate on our tv's... but I refused. Seems to me like it would be a bad idea to mix politics and alcohol in a setting that directly impacts the amount of money I make. Haha.


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