Monday, October 29, 2012

This is the upside to life

It's hard to believe that if I were to be talking to the me from 3 years ago, I would have so many things to tell her.  Things she would never in a million years believe, like:

~You will learn so much about yourself in the next 3 years.  You'll learn that the dream you have of working for yourself isn't really your dream after all.

~When CU Denver School of Nursing calls to tell you they have a place for you in their nursing program, you won't even hesitate to say "no thank you".  You've come so far, just think about the things that will matter in 3 years. They are not the things that matter now.

~You know how you were so sure your weight was under control once and for all?  That's simply not true.  Don't stop working out.

~You know how you're sort of dating one of your best guy friends?  It's not going to last.  In 2 days, you're going to seriously change your mind about that situation.

 Don't worry, after some moderate drama about it, you guys manage to remain friends.  And he's so supportive of everything that's to come for you.

~You know that boy?  You know, the one in the warehouse at work who's so adorable?  Yeah, him.  You've been flirting with him a lot.  Well, he's been trying to work up to asking you out.  And when he finally does it (in 3 days), you're going to be clueless.  Try to be graceful when you realize what's happening.  Oh, what am I saying?  He's going to shock you in so many ways, and you won't know it then, but soon enough you'll realize that he's the man you have been looking for.

I'm not kidding.  Hang in there 3 more days... and you will be on the path to eternal love.

And EVERYTHING you have been through since you started dating... it's over now.  You have made it to the finish line of dating.  You've made it through the desert.  Enjoy the journey to love.  It's a hot mess, because you are a hot mess.  But this mess is so worth it.

Because he's gonna put a ring on it, self.


  1. Nice post - but it was the last line that really cinched it. He's gonna put a ring on it. Classic! =) I died.

  2. I love this :) And I love the last picture! There are so many things I wish I could go back and tell myself. But then I think about it and everything turned out exactly perfect.

  3. I just died of cute.
    I love looking back and thinking about how I had no idea my life was going to turn out being so awesome.

  4. :)))))))

    That is how big I smiled at this post.

  5. OMG, seriously such a great post! Love it, and Love you :)

  6. I love this. It's so cool to look back and see how things have changed!

  7. I love it, Kristen. I think it's so much fun to see how much we've all changed in such a short amount of time.

  8. So much it happens in such a short time, doesn't it? Loved this post.


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