Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend, Shmeekend

Happy Tuesday!  Most of you have already survived your first day back for the week, but I'm only now starting mine in the eye and begging for kindness from the god of terrible work weeks (because he clearly exists, right?).

It was a pretty great weekend.  Busy, but pretty great.  I'll give you the rundown:

Friday:  I was minding my business, hopping on the treadmill at 5:25 pm, when Ammon texted me.  You see, home-slice made the Dean's list last semester, and the awards ceremony was scheduled for 6:00pm, 30 minutes away (in good traffic, that is).  After some yelling, inappropriate language, a Kristen-sized meltdown, and a frantic rush for the door, I managed to arrive only 10 minutes late for the ceremony.  Thank heavens for maxi dresses.  They can instantly make you look a little put together.

Funny story:  of the 800 people who made the Dean's list, Ammon is the only one to also be currently on academic probation.  The dean of the college made sure to make special recognition of all of his recent achievements.

After that, I was HUNGRY (those ceremonies are long and boring, folks), I told Ammon he had to take me out to dinner to make up for the frenzy induced meltdown.  We went and had delicious Nepali food.  Nepali food is closely related to Indian food, but it's usually more spicy, and more delicious.  I get too excited about my buffet to take pictures usually, but I did snag one of the perfect rice pudding, complemented by some grapes:

In the interest of full disclosure, at the end of the meal I was so full I was almost sick.  It's really just so good that all of my internal controls fail.  Perhaps that's part of why I gained weight last week.

Saturday:  I worked, and Ammon played in the shop.  He's making some good progress on his 1,856,755 projects.  After work, I went to Target to pick up some supplies while he continued playing, and then we both changed and went to the dinner theater.

We'd been a couple of times before, and we really enjoy it, so we decided to become season ticket holders for this season.  For $29 per person, you get dinner and a show.  Appetizers, desserts, and drinks are extra, but that's still a darn cheap date in my book.  And look at how fancy and fun the drinks are...

Yup, that sure is a chocolatini with chocolate drizzle on the side of the glass, and coconut on top.  So good.  After our drinks though, we couldn't take more pictures, because they don't allow photography in the theater.  Sorry!

I will say this:  If you have the opportunity to see the musical "In the Heights", go see it.  I cried, it was so captivating.  Love, love, love.

Sunday:  We went to Home Depot to get some wedding supplies.  Multiple Sales Associates were pretty dang rude to us.  We know from past experience that if you speak up to your cashier about the issues, they'll usually discount your sale, and I felt that was warranted today, since Ammon was considering leaving without buying anything.  We took the discount, and while it didn't make things better, it did keep us from walking altogether.

Monday:  Yup, I had no work yesterday, while poor Ammon had to go to work on his birthday.  I discovered the BBC America show "The Nerdist", which is awesome if you are into nerdy things.  You can check out the YouTube channel here.  I also made a special dinner of candied butternut squash, mashed cauliflower, and porkchops.  We went out for a slice of carrot cake after dinner, because I'm a horrible future-wife who completely forgot about dessert.  I also forgot my phone, so you don't get to see proof.  Sorry.

So that was our weekend over here!  How was your weekend?  Also, on our wedding blog today:  Our sweet and silly proposal.  Check it out!


  1. That chocolate martini looks sooo good. I'm suck a sucker for fancy looking drinks!

  2. what a fun weekend!! I love the theatre. I would totally be down for that. and I want the chocolatini. right now. at 7:31 am.

  3. a dinner theater sounds so fun! and that drink looks amazing.

  4. truth - that doesn't seem like a very big meltdown. nothing like mine... =)

  5. I think it was when you called him "home slice" that I started laughing.

    Then you mentioned "academic probation" and i started rolling.

    Chocolate liquor is horrifying. just so that's clear.

  6. I love that he was on academic probation AND the dean's list... that takes mad skill.

    sounds like a pretty good weekend!


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