Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The truth is out.

I will say this now:  If I weren't linking up with such amazing people today, there is no way that what you are about to see would EVER in a million years be making its way onto this blog.  I know it passes the 5 minute mark, and many of you have issues with that.  I do have to tell you, the best part is probably from 4 minutes or so to the end.  So, if you refuse to sit through 7:49 of me talking about being a hoarder, just skip to that part.

I should lead off with who's throwing the vlog party today.  Here's the button.  Click it, and find some new friends.

Hope Squared
I really would like to postpone this as much as possible, so let me explain my appearance, yes?  Yes.  So, I ran before doing this vlog, and didn't bother to change, or shower, or anything really afterwards.  Sorry for the sweat, greasy bangs, and all that.  I'm going to call it proof that I worked out.

Don't worry, tomorrow I'll post an in-depth tutorial about how to "unfollow" a blog.  That's a lie.  I prefer to avoid tutorials, and really... in the poetic words of my dear friend Shaylynn, "I can not lose a follower.  I just can't."

But I promise, if you come back tomorrow I won't be showing you any more horrifying confessions.  That was enough for a while.

On a far less awful note, over on For Richer or For DIY, I'm showing you some things I have pinned on my Pinterest, to help you get a better sense of our wedding vision.  Go check it out!


  1. I think you launched yourself fully into the hoarder camp when you showed your craft table, K. But never fear, if I showed you the outside of our house you'd tell me Mike is a hoarder. And that would be a fact.

    P.S. I love that you just throw shit around after you're done talking about it. I died.

  2. Ha! We have multiple junk drawers bc we have so much junk. All of your stuff is so random. I love how you are chucking stuff. And YES the eye doctor is a HUGE ripoff. So annoying. Corn Meal Can!! I was hoarding empty toilet paper rolls for awhile just incase I ever wanted to make something with them. One day John threw them all out while cleaning. I was heartbroken. It broke me of my habit! Does Ammon share your same habits? I hate cleaning and organizing. Unfortunately John feels differently.

  3. ... that I'm gonna throw away.

    And I love the throwing. Throw more, please.

    You are the best.

  4. You are so friggin' ridiculous. I love it.

    Oh and uh about that corn meal, you can buy it should the world come to an end and you actually need it.

    Girl, listen. That Shaylynn? She's smart.

    1. P.S. I was totally going to call you a hoarder, but you beat me to it.

  5. I think that since your friend is divorced, that means you can get rid of the monkey's that you don't really like! ha ha! My brother collects those hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil monkeys, and I think they are creepy. I also like that you throw your stuff, not just E-Ho appreciates it :) Also, my chapstick in my house is out of control, I have so many! HAHAHA I think it's time to toss the corn meal can, I do!

  6. OK I think this is my first time here... so glad I found you because I watched this whole video and cracked up the entire time! I should have thrown everything when I was done with it, too. And seriously I love the craft table - that room of yours is basically my whole house - I'm just too chicken to film it so I found a small clean space in my kitchen to record myself :P You rock. Thanks for linking up!!!


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