Monday, October 8, 2012

Skype dates teach you a lot...

I'm writing this post at 11:53pm on Friday night, because right as I was falling into blissful slumber, the Loveland Dispatch called to tell me, that as the "responsible party" (you will snort if you think about this at the end of the post) for the apartment complex, I need to grant access to an apartment for the FIRE DEPARTMENT.

In my head, a really intriguing string of expletives was put together in repetitive, nonsensical order.  Out loud, I said something to the effect of, "okay, I'll be there in 5 minutes," to which they asked for a description of my vehicle.  To which I wanted to laugh, because I live 1.5 football fields away, and it takes just as long to drive as it does to walk.

So I get there, and the door is OPEN to a VACANT apartment.  We have had situations before where the police have "gained access" to a unit by forcibly breaking down the door, and I have to figure out how to "secure the unit" at 2 am.  So the first question out of my mouth, ever so delicately, was "how did you get in?"

Apparently, the fire department has something called "bump keys", which are a juiced up, super awesome version of a master key.  My heart goes pitter-patter just thinking about them.  If only they could convince the PD to invest in those suckers...

This is not the point of my story.  The point is that earlier in the evening I had the funnest skype date with Miss Maggie.

Neither of us had skyped with other bloggers.  Heck, Maggie had never even skyped before.  I learned a lot of awesome things about both myself and Maggie during our chat, but I think it's safe to tell you one thing now:

I am a wild, wild party animal.

Yup, I really am.

Maggie told me so, and thus it is true.

I hope she's still willing to skype with me again.

Also, I learned that us Episcopalians wrote a guidebook for navigating the troubling waters of our faith.  Because really, we're a strange bunch who believe that there's more than one side to every story, and more than one way to interpret nearly any bible passage.  In honor of this sentiment, I want to share with you my favorite recording EVER from Episcopal youth conferences:

Because really, nobody tells the Ark story quite like Mr Cosby tells it.  You'll never here the word "right" the same way again.

We talked about many other things, but let's try to equate my apparent wildness with being a "responsible party".  Okay, so yes, I may have told her some of my more outrageous college and post-college stories, but by the time 9pm rolled around (11 for Maggie), I think we were both ready for bed.  Yup, wild child Kristen at your service.  Don't worry, if you skype me too, I'll tell you my wild stories too.  Oh, and I might curse like a sailor.  Sorry in advance.

So if you wanna be more than blog buddies, hit me up on skype.  I'm RadiantKristen, because let's face it... I can only remember so many sets of login information at a given time.  Chris, Andrea, Maggie and I NEED you two to get skype.  We do.  We can only imagine how funny that would get.  Maggie will talk about being a Yankee, Chris can talk about how to not die in Chicago, Andrea can show us how to kill a bear with a handgun, and me?  Well, I'll tell everyone a story about the Christmas parties my work throws every year.  Good times.  Okay, it's 12:19am.  Happy Saturday.  I will post this on Monday, so happy that, too.  Have a good one, y'all.


  1. bahahahahahahaha - I think I've just been outed on the blog-o-sphere. And I cuss like a sailor way more then you did. And.... Bill Cosby is my favorite person ever. Well, him & Jesus =)

    Skype date next week?

  2. By the way, I'm writing my version of our first date right now and it'll drop tomorrow. You must read this. I think it proves that I'm a funny girl.

  3. my skype died or well, my computer sucks. i can skype for like 2 minutes and then it disconnects. I should really get with the 20th century and get a new computer.

  4. This is hysterical. I guess I really can tell you how to survive in Chicago since I once walked through Cabrini Green drunk and lived to tell about it.

  5. Bahahaha! Ah I love this!! And killing a bear with a handgun... Perfect!

    Off to sign up for Skype now!


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