Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I must be Cinderella

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I told you about the super-fun, awesome Skype date I had Friday night.  But today, I want to tell you why you should all start calling me Cinderella, and Ammon Prince Charming.

Oh yes, I love me some pumpkins.  So much so, that I made the trip to not one, but 2 pumpkin patches over the weekend, and came home with a whopping 4 pumpkins in 2 days.  Yup, just build me a carriage already, I'm heading to the ball in orange squashy glory.

We went to pumpkin patch #1 on Saturday.  This patch was at one of the oldest farms in Loveland, Osborn Farm (Spoiler alert:  This farm will make appearances in future posts.  Be ready).  Ammon went with me, and they had really fun wheel barrows for us to use for pumpkin hauling.

 Right before I took this picture, he gave me that all too famous, "Do we really have to do this?" face.  I know that you know the one I'm talking about.  Yes, honey.  Yes we do have to do this.

We headed out to the field, right behind 2 women and 3 little kids.  I'm not sure if you know this, but kids are awesome in pumpkin patches, for many reasons.  However, we don't have all day, so I'll list my top 2 for you: 1) All children should be required to run around large fields at top speeds on a regular basis.  Since most children don't have this opportunity, a pumpkin patch for them is like a swimming pool full of catnip for your favorite feline friend.  2) Children take the selecting of a pumpkin very seriously.  They will debate the merits of different pumpkin characteristics for long periods of time.  So much so, that they may cause you to worry that the pumpkin you are in the midst of selecting is somehow inadequate.  It isn't.

So, at pumpkin patch #1, I was overcome by good variety, and ended up purchasing 3 pumpkins.  I don't like the way 2 of any item looks.  I prefer odd numbers when decorating, and as I use pumpkins first for decoration and later for eating, it only seems natural to play to the odd numbers.  Boom.

I would also like to mention that the high on Saturday was 45 degrees.  All of you in the Southeastern part of the US, I really don't want to hear about your 65-85 degree weather.  It just makes me sad.

I thought that the use of wheelbarrows for everything on the farm was just delightful, so I made Ammon take a few other pictures while I settled our bill.

So pumpkin patch #2... This happened on Sunday.  I made my way to the farm we're members of, Grant Family Farms, for their Harvestival celebration.  I'm proud to say that our farm planted an entire field of potatoes this year to donate to local area food banks.  Harvestival is the time when they harvest the field with their members, and celebrate the Harvest time!  We had free tickets as members, so I couldn't pass it up... even with Ammon staying at home to study.

The super duper funtastic sign made out of "junk".  Junk art has become a huge deal in our area, and a lot of local area sculptors experiment with the concept.

A Texas Longhorn that made me think of Maggie.
The kids were encouraged to feed the animals... they had giant cucumbers for the pigs!
Also, they converted a school bus into a chicken coop... I'm pretty sure this is the best idea EVER for raising chickens.

Now that I've shown you everything BUT the pumpkin I picked out, I guess I should get around to showing you that.  As part of our free admission, I got to pick out one large pumpkin to take home.

Oh, look!  I found a purse in the pumpkin patch!  That, or I'm too lazy to carry my purse like a lady.  Also shown is the spaghetti squash that I just HAD to have from the farm stand.  I proceeded to cook it up for dinner on Sunday night.  Yum.

So there you have my weekend of pumpkins.  Don't worry, I'll probably end up with more before fall is over.  This love I have for pumpkins borders on a sickness.

What can you just not get enough of during the fall?


  1. I love that junk sign! I love pumpkin patches too. We are taking the boys this weekend to a pumpkin patch and fall festival. I can't wait! We already got a bunch of baby pumpkins, a couple pie pumpkins, and some gourds. We are obsessed!

  2. I love pumpkins too, and cannot wait to carve some up this weekend!

  3. Alright Cinders,
    1) How can you call that lovely piece of cow ugly? I think he's beautiful and I want to make him my new BFF.

    2) Love me a pumpkin patch. Haven't gotten mine yet.

    3) Now I want a school bus chicken coop. Thanks a lot. Michael will not be thanking you.

    4) Do you have a talking mouse named Gus to make a dress for you?

  4. I loooove pumpkins! :) But I've never been to a pumpkin patch. I know, I know.

    You took some amazing pictures! I love all the "farm" decor!

  5. Did you see any white pumpkins? I only do white pumpkins (I'm the pumpkin snob). Oh but seriously. Your humor gets me every time. And pick up that dang purse like a lady!

  6. I love your peacoat! It's so cute. And... I really want to go to a pumpkin patch. Maybe we will this weekend. Who knows?

  7. I absolutely love the bus converted into a chicken coop! That is awesome!! :)


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