Sunday, October 21, 2012

A couple of Sunday confessions

Happy Sunday, friends! It's time for my favorite link-up ever, Sunday Confessions:

1)  I have been sucking at Weight Watchers lately.  We've had a lot of birthdays at work, plus to be quite honest, I was feeling very... restricted with the options that they give.  Because I'm technically in the healthy weight range, my points allowance is pretty low, and this week I think I quadrupled it.  Ooopsie.  If only TCBY tasted like poop, and vegetables tasted like TCBY, we would totally be in business.
2)  I haven't done much about our wedding since Monday, when I put the deposit on our venue.  I needed a break from the stress.  Also, many people think I'm crazy for planning a wedding so far in advance.  These people are the rockstars who can pull an incredible wedding together in 2.5 months.  I'm not that woman.

3)  Life has been hectic lately, and to deal with that, I've found myself parked in front of the TV an awful lot lately.  I dislike this.  However, it is an easy way to decompress from everything...

4)  When we were at the dinner theater last night, I told the other couple at our table about how I'm training for a half marathon.  They asked me if I really enjoyed running.  My answer?  HECK NO I don't love running.  I just want to be able to say I did it.
5)  I have a huge mountain of laundry to do, and no laundry quarters.  Part of me really just wants to take the mountain to my parents' house, college style.  Except I never got to do that in college, since I went to school out of state.  So, perhaps, post-college 23 year old me taking her laundry home? 

Confession sidenotes:  When we're low on laundry quarters, I hang dry our clothes.  Sometimes on our dining room light fixture.  And yes, our dining room table almost always looks like that.  It is our junk pile-up station.

What do you have to confess on this Sunday?


  1. I have the clothes horse in my living room 4 days a week, but can't help it when I live in a tiny apartment!

    One of my goals next weekend is to by another clothes rail so I can hang things, sadly a wardrobe wouldn't fit!

  2. 23?!?!?? What?!?? Kristen you've had me fooled this whole time! You are wise beyond your years my dear! And I always like running until about smile and half into it. Then I start questioning my sanity :)

  3. I think I took my laundry to my parents well after 25, I always hated getting quarters for laundry.

  4. What the hell? You're 23? I thought you were my age. That's my confession.

    I loved that you said you don't like running. It's why I'm doing my 5k, so I can tell people I've done SOMETHING athletic in my life.

    I confess: today I would like to hang out with you.

  5. Yesss, please make veggies taste like TCBY! Not only would you be a millionaire (can I borrow $5??), but you'd be legit loved by the masses. People would write you fan mail! I would eat veggies every day and no longer have FFS (fat finger syndrome) and be able to text on my iPhone! Wooooo. :)

    I'm OK, really, maybe too much caffeine. Hope you have a great week! :)

  6. wait, your wedding is next summer right? I don't think you're planning too far ahead at all! I have a friend who got engaged last Christmas and her wedding isn't until 2014!

    my dining room table always looks like that too, no matter how hard I try to keep it clean.

    Val @

  7. bahahahaha = this is the funniest thing I've read in a while.
    1) you talked about poop - good for you.
    2) i hang laundry where ever i find a good place - i've been known to break the shower curtain rod....
    3) don't feel bad about the WW stuff - last thursday my lunch was over 30 points. Lunch.

  8. Pahaha, I've never actually had TCBY. Is it delicious? And I think you deserve a break from WW every once in a while!


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