Monday, October 1, 2012

Who likes free and cheap?

I feel like the answer to the above question is everyone.  I mean... I gotta tell you guys, I am all about getting things for free, or at a discount.  Our budget doesn't allow for a lot of extravagances, so I gotta take it where I can!  Today, I want to tell you about two really great deals I took advantage of, and you should too.

1)  Kohl's checkout code:  The wonderful people at Kohl's were so generous last week, and they offered each and every one of you awesome people a checkout code to use towards 10% off your entire purchase through October 24th.  And even better, you can stack it with other rewards!  So use the code "UBLOGTEN" at checkout, then show us all what you scored!

2)  Julep Maven:  Have you guys seen all of the posts about Julep nail salon and their Julep Maven program floating around lately?  It's a program where you can receive monthly goodie boxes that have 2 different nail polishes and a beauty product, in a color palette that matches your personal style, for $19.99 INCLUDING shipping.

Now, their nail polish is pricey.  It's the most expensive nail polish I've ever considered purchasing, at $14/bottle regularly.  But I can afford to do this on a periodic basis, and I love that they have different color profiles.  They listed me as "Classic with a Twist".  Here's what the introductory box came with:

Oh hello there cute red and white nail polishes, some foot cream, and a new little tote bag.  It was the highlight of my day getting this package in the mail... one thing I love is this new trend in making ever package special for the recipient to open.  Pink tissue paper, little notes... I've gotta say, buying things on the internet has become far more fun lately!  And I realize this is a horrible depiction of the colors, so I had a little nail painting party so you could see the colors better:

Sorry if you have a thing against feet.  Hopefully my weird second toe doesn't send you into fits of trying to rip your eyeballs out.

What made me most stoked about trying this out though, was that I found a little checkout code that gave me the whole shebang for one penny!  Even you can afford to try it for a penny, right?  So here's the deal:  I used the code COLOR2012 at checkout.  I don't remember what blog I found it on, or even when the code is good through, but it's worth a try, right?  If it doesn't work, you'll know before you pay. 

I hope you enjoy some thrifty beauty today!  If you take advantage of either coupon code, I would love to hear what you got and how you loved it.  Have a fantastic Monday!


  1. thanks for posting this! I might try out that Julep box now :-)

  2. I was classic with a twist too! I have not ordered yet but may jump on the bandwagon.

  3. Let me say I love those colors alot and your middle toe is shooting the blogging world a bird.


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