Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your inner child workout

As kids, we ran, and jumped, and danced because it was fun.  There was an innate awesomeness involved in being able to be play, to huff and puff with exertion.  Don't you wish you could have that back?  Well, the good news is that you can!  Just because you are older now does not mean you can not still enjoy those same types of activities.  Below, I've highlighted some of childrens' most beloved pastimes and some great adult friendly alternatives.  Before you know it, you'll be having a blast while blasting away calories.  Mind you, you can also just wrangle up some of your friends for a rousing game of freeze tag if you're really feeling the need.

The tree climber:  As a child, you dreamed about climbing bigger and better trees.  You even liked the way tree bark and sap felt under your hands.  Your mom was forever patching your clothes where they had snagged on tree branches.  Today, how about you try rock climbing?  The grittiness of the rock will remind you of your days climbing trees, and with the advent of harnesses, ropes, and protective gear, you won't have to worry about falling and breaking yourself.  More and more recreation centers are offering rock walls, and there are entire gyms dedicated to the sport of rock climbing.  It's a great calorie burner too;  the average person can burn up to 12 calories per minute rock climbing!

The daredevil:  By the time you were 12, the nurses in the ER knew you by sight.  You were always seeking the biggest rush, the latest thrill.  Now that you're older, you still love that burst of adrenaline, but have realized that it you want to meet your grandchildren, you might have to play it a little bit safer.  Maybe you should try water sports, like wake boarding, water skiing, white water rafting, and kayaking in the summer.  In the winter, you might try skiing, snowboarding, or even hockey.  All of these activities will definitely give you the adrenaline rush you've been craving for so long, but are safe enough that as long as you take some basic lessons you can survive the experience.  The calorie burns vary for these activities, but it sounds like you're probably more interested in the rush than you are the burn.

The Kickball MVP:  You were usually picked first for any game in the school yard.  You still hold the record at your elementary school from 2 decades ago for your mad skills at kickball.  You miss being able to flip a coin to see which team goes first, and you love the camaraderie of working in a team to achieve success.  Your winning attitude needs to grab your friends and join recreational league sports!  Many local recreation departments offer adult leagues for team sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball.  Some fees may apply, but isn't winning your division championship totally worth it?

The Mermaid/Merman:  From Memorial day to Labor day you were always in the water.  Your mom grimaced when your hair turned that lovely shade of not-quite green, and your dad joked that you might just grow gills.  You though Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" was dumb for not wanting to live under the sea.  These days, you might try water aerobics.  No, it isn't just for older women with joint problems.  The water acts as a natural resistance to your movement, providing you with cardio and conditioning at the same time.  Plus, most classes allow you to work to your skill level, meaning you can make it as easy or as challenging as you need it to be.  Follow it up with a trip down the water slide, and you'll feel like a kid all over again.

Hell on two wheels:  You logged more miles on your huffy than you did your first car.  As soon as dad took the training wheels off, you rode into the sunset and never looked back... until you got your license to drive.  These days, you can rekindle your live of the bike by finding a local cycling club.  They will host group rides that will give you an all new appreciation for the splendor of your area, and you'll probably never look at "that hill" the same way again.  Information on cycling clubs is usually available at bike shops, or you can check out websites like to see if any rides are taking place in your area.

The creative one:  You spent your recess time coming up with skits and plays, and loved to put on big productions.  You practically twirled in your sleep.  The great news is, there are about a thousand options for you to try, you dancing queen.  With the popularity of shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars there are literally hundreds of workout dvds and video games for wii and kinect that center around moving and grooving.  If you're into the social aspect, try a Zumba class.  While you might not always be on the beat, remember to always be fabulous!

Do any of these ring true for you?  Has there been a burning desire within you to try something new?  Challenge yourself to pick one new workout... something you've never tried, or haven't participated in in a long time, and let me know how it goes!

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  1. I have to say that Danc Central on xbox Kinect is Awesome! I've tried the Zumba one, but I don't think that it reads you as well as Dance Central. However, all of the articles that I have read on the benefits of working out to xbox games isn't very good. You'll get a slight workout, but it doesn't have the same results as going to a gym and working on cardio there :( It's too bad since I love rocking out to Dance Central! Maybe one of these days I'll have a Dance Central rock out party at my place


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