Thursday, January 26, 2012


The fish in this picture do a great job of illustrating the state of my mind right now.  Absolutely overwhelmed.  I feel pulled in a million directions.  Who knew 3 100 level classes could put such a strain on my time?  The last time I took 100 level classes, it was a walk in the park.  Show up, maybe read the text, spend 20 minutes on homework, and BOOM you have an A.

Not this time, my friends.  I originally thought I might need 6-8 hours/week for studying.  So far, it is week 2, and I am already figuring I will need closer to 12 hours of studying each week.  That means I need to "find" 6 more hours in my weekly schedule for study time.

What can I sacrifice?  What is least important?  How in the world do I make it all fit without going insane?

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