Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweetly Saturday

Despite my post to the contrary yesterday, there really is a lot that I have to be thankful for this week.  I think that sometimes it becomes really easy to focus on the negative, so I'm really glad that I post my gratitude once every week.  Plus, it makes my Saturdays that much sweeter when I can post about some really good stuff.

1)  I learned how to do cool stuff like adding word bubbles to my pictures using the Google+ photo editor.  Pretty groovy.

2)  Yup, coffee.  It really is something that has become a ritual for me.  I love to smell it while it's too hot to drink.  I love that first sip and how it wakes up my palate.  Yum.

3) Zicam and Emergen-C.  I was certainly feeling much better today, and I know that good self-care played a role in this epic turn-around.

4)  Saturday sale at ARC.  I LOVE ARC.  I love what they stand for, and what they seek to do in the developmentally disabled community.  I love shopping at their thrift stores.  But I really love the Saturday sale at ARC.  So much so, that I usually over-indulge in all of the great deals.  Whoops.

5)  New blogs.  Sometimes I flip through blogs, and follow link after link until one just pops out as being awesome.  This week I found Vintage Revivals.  I so absolutely love it, people.  I love how honest Mandi is with her readers about who she is, and what she loves.  I read her most recent post, and knew that I was instantly going to be blog stalking her from here on out.

6)  Time alone at home.  I love A dearly.  Truly, I do.  But sometimes it's nice to come home and have some time to myself.  Especially if I want to do something kinda embarrassing, like listen to late 90's boybands and stuff like that.  Not that i would ever do that, I just like that, you know, I can if I want to.

7)  Super great co-workers that can make me laugh, even when I'm grumpy, tired, and sick.  Ewie, you're the bomb-diggity.

I hope your Saturday is sweet!

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