Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprise Sparkle

Well y'all, it's Tuesday, which is really my Monday this week.  Since it's most likely going to be a long day for me, I thought I'd share with you a highlight from the weekend.  Nothing like a little sparkle to start the week off right!

So, I was at work on Saturday, sitting in this chair.

My butt was really sore from working out, and sitting was making it worse.

A couple of minutes before I closed down the office for the day, a person walked in.  I looked up, and SURPRISE!  It was a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in 2 years or so.  She told me she'd been driving by, and saw my car parked out front, so she came in to say hi. 

So, said friend, whose name is Reina, told me she was in town visiting a couple of other friends, and had an hour or so of downtime.  Since I was headed to Kohl's, Reina decided to tag along.

We're both holding our phones out to take pictures, by the way.  We both felt like we needed proof of our adventure.

Reina is one of those girls that you can't help but enjoy being around.  She is the most kind, loving, zany, and fun person I've ever met.  We were professional butt-wipers together, and nobody can make me laugh at 2 o'clock in the morning quite like this girl.

Thanks for being my sparkle this weekend, Reina.

What has happened lately that put some sparkle into your life?


  1. Connecting with old friends is always special, and I'm glad you got some sparkle sprinkled on ya. =)

    My latest sparkle? Well...I was kind of bummed about not seeing a house we just loved on Sunday. When I came home from work yesterday, Mr. R had rearranged the living room and told me if we can't have a new house, we can at least have a new living room. =) He actually did REALLY good, I love it! And it added something new and "sparkly" to our home. :)

  2. Too cute! It's always bittersweet when your muscles are sore... Nice to work on your body, sucky that you ache so much.

  3. i notice the shirt you sewed that was on your blog the other day!!

    what's that called again...not a shirt but a?...i can't remember.


    anywyas, i noticed it.

  4. Nothing greater than when butt wipes come together.

  5. Love a surprise visit! I'm sure her showing up unexpectedly made you forget your butt was hurting, right? How fun!


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