Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now that you're here...

Oh, hi Summer!  Everyone thought you were already here, what with the 100 degree days and all.  But nope, you made your CO entrance in style, with a nice 76 degree day.

Keeping it classy, Summer.  That's what I like about you.

Well, that and the fact that my birthday is 10 days away.  That's right, TEN.  You and me, summer, we've always been tight.

You make me want to do so many fun things.  Outdoor things.  Non-school or work related things.  Like playing in the river before and after rock climbing:

Yup, we tried to ghetto rig a zipline with the river crossing rope and a found ski pole.  It didn't work, but it was fun.

You make me want to climb some rocks, and have the cuts, scrapes, and bruises to show for it:

I may have a very healthy respect for gravity, but that doesn't stop me from trying anyway.

You make me want to get on the bike and ride, baby, ride.

I never said I was sexy, y'all.  Just safe.

Summer, you make me want to do all these things and more.  I could go on forever, but I'd lose you all.  So I'll leave you there.  Hope you are all enjoying the first few days of summer, and have started compiling your "must do" lists!


  1. better be careful with those homemade zip lines! Did you hear about that girl who zipped across a homemade zip line and got a flesh eating disease. Because she fell off the zipline. And they've amputated a lot of her body. =(

    But other than that, have fun & go crazy! =)

  2. I tip my hat to you ma'am! Outdoorsy I am not, but you made everything look fun. Also, safety is always hot! Keep riding in style!

  3. Omg just looking at that Rick climbing pic made me queezy. But I am sure you loved every minute.

  4. Boooo I wish we lived closer to each other!! We would have a blast!


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